I joined Warrior Bootcamp in July with the initial intention to become fitter for the Viper Challenge (an obstacle race) this November 2014 in Sepang.  

I have always been clumsy, timid and being an indoor person, I did not lead an active lifestyle by nature. Furthermore, I used to have chronic knee pains; Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or runner’s knee (pain behind and around the knee caps), back and shoulder pains. My back ache was so serious at one time that I had to lie down most of the time. Everybody advised me to go for physiotherapy but I refused. I opted to go swimming and it helped a bit but the pain still persisted from to time. My shoulder pain was due to my daily office work, my knee pain worsens when I squat, hike or run. Besides that, I had the tendency to fall down easily or sprain my weaker right foot.  As I aged, squatting and standing up become a painful chore. My friends always felt bad for me as I fell so frequently yet I endure the sprain, pain and bruises without tears. I took precaution and wore knee and elbow guards for workouts.
After joining Warrior Bootcamp for a month, my maid had returned to Indonesia for a month long holiday and I felt disheartened as I needed to do the house chores, especially mopping the floor which I usually avoided due to back pain. But much to my surprise, mopping the floor had become easier. My back pain is now gone and I no longer struggle with bending up and down. My elderly mother is so thrilled that she started monitoring my attendance to WBC closely and if I failed to go a without a legitimate excuse, she will nag at me.

I started introducing my friends to join Warrior Bootcamp, which they did. Reason being that they said that I look slimmer and fitter; true enough, I had lost 1KG!!!

Now after being with Warrior Bootcamp for three months, I have lost 3KGs, my hips are now smaller and I have to change my wardrobe!!! My chronic pains that plagued me are all gone.  I no longer wear knee guards and to my great astonishment, my right leg is much stronger now as I do not clumsily fall down anymore. Squatting and standing up is no longer a problem for my right knee. All of my friends who joined Warrior Bootcamp are also happy with no regrets, having achieved good results themselves. 

I used to be an indoor person who went gym, hated sunlight, rain and dirt. Now I love my outdoor exercises, looking at the blue sky, enjoying the fresh morning air as I lay on the green grass. Even when it is raining (no thunderstorms of course), we train without fail. The rain does not make me sick or catch a cold anymore.  Over these 3 months,  I had not only improved my overall fitness level, but I have also developed more  self-discipline, higher self-esteem and confidence.

Due to my age, stress and work, I used to have trouble sleeping but now, I get quality sleep every night.  I wake up early every morning looking forward to my workout with the Warrior Bootcamp team members and my instructor prior to starting my day with a fresh, stress free mind.
Warrior Bootcamp training entails several aspects to achieve optimum fitness and physical endurance like Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility and Stamina. In general, it helps me gain a stronger core muscle by doing different cross-training exercises.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all the WBC instructors who have trained me over the past three months for their guidance, patience and kindness.  They have not only taught me about exercise but also the importance of hydration, nutrition, eating well, sleeping well, teamwork, the need to listen to instructions and gain ability to adapt and endure over resistance. Without their proper and professional guidance, I can never achieve what I am today; fitter, healthier, stronger and definitely slimmer.  My gratitude also to all my fellow helpful and friendly team members from the different classes.
We are like a family – the Warrior Bootcamp family.
It does not matter how slow I go as long as I do not stop.

So why wait? Come and join Warrior BootCamp! Just like me, you will benefit in every aspect; spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Testimonial from Jenny, 0545 session recruit

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