The problem is with fitness training once we get started we all like to do the same thing day in day out. We like to do the thing we are most comfortable with. We develop a new rationalized reality called the comfort zone and are confused why we can not shed those last few pounds. The reality is our diet or the intensity and type of training we do is the culprit.

In short our bodies get used to the nice routine , the regularity of the workout, the comfort the surrounding , the fear of change. But the truth is you need to change your routines regularly ,work at different intensities , work in different locations and train frequently during the week to shock your body into burning more calories. Unfortunately there is no magic pill.

So the best forms of exercise and fitness program are the one that do not stay constant , they evolves they incorporate both aerobic and weight bearing exercises.By the way weight bearing does not always imply free weights & mirrors but also body weight exercises for example push ups , chin ups in any environment.

These types of workouts replicate what our body is really designed for i.e hunting and gathering , not sitting in front of a computer screen which this writer is guilty of on a daily basis.

So what should you do . I suggest you keep challenging yourself and change your program regularly , try a new workout that combines aerobic and weight bearing exercises or maybe try a new sport ( not bowling !!) , go hillwalking or possibly take up a martial art.

Remember life is for living however you you try keep your body in shape to ensure you are in good health to live for all stages of your life, be it 20 or 80.

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