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What is Junior Athletic Fitness or Junior Bootcamp (JBC)?

Fun fitness training that

  • Gets the children outdoors and back to nature
  • Develops healthy habits/weight management and improves general health
  • Builds athletic fundamentals (general fitness and movement skills that are transferrable to all sports)
  • Builds character, mental resilience and teamwork skills for real-life

It is recommended kids engage in physical activity every day..
The benefits are: Decreased risk of youth obesity, Decreased risk of type 2 Diabetes, Improved Mood, Improved self Esteem.”  Reference: NASM

Modernity has resulted in new lifestyles for kids; more calorie intake, less movement, time spent online, watching TV and higher demands to perform academically. A high percentage of kids is, therefore missing out on a key ingredient of their personal development – “Play” and “Physical Activity”. Through play, kids can form healthier habits, learn to like sports, gain greater self-esteem, confidence and socials skills (all which are transferable into the workplace and life).

“The majority of youth today spend little if any time performing generalized, unstructured physical activity (playtime) that would facilitate the development of Speed Agility and Quickness skills.  Speed Agility and Quickness Drills for youths reduce the likelihood of athletic injury, increase the likelihood of exercise participation later in life and improves physical fitness.”
Reference: NASM

Who is this for?

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. (Youths 13 and above may join adult fitness sessions). It is highly recommended for children to spend at least one hour of outdoor exercise daily to improve their health and enhance their cognitive development.

What do you need?

It would be ideal to have these in hand for the session.

  • Water to hydrate
  • Face towel

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