Lots of people rely on the scales for feedback on their fitness progress, but the number on the scale can be misleading. Not to mention, we all have different goals in mind and some goals might not actually include weight loss. But don’t worry, there are lots of ways to keep tabs on the progress of your health and fitness. The way you feel is more important than the numbers on the scale.

Look over your progress photos
Progress photos are such a great way to see the changes in your body, which sometimes aren’t noticeable on the scales. Being able to compare before & after photos side by side can show your own personal progress or transformation, and that is fantastic motivation to keep up with the lifestyle changes.

Reflect on your moods
If you’ve been keeping a fitness journal, it’s fantastic for monitoring progression in your workouts. But have you noticed it’s also great for keeping track of your moods? Eating well and getting regular exercise have both been linked to improvements in mood, both in the short-term and the long-term.

Check the fit of your clothing
One thing that helps give your self-confidence a boost is how your clothes fit. That moment you realise that your clothing is more comfortable is a little rush of joy, especially when you know how hard you’ve worked to get to that stage. If your goal for completing the challenge was to get stronger, remember muscle growth can affect the fit of your clothes too.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself:

  •     Do you feel like you have more energy?
  •     Are you feeling stronger?
  •     Do you feel less stressed?
  •     Are you getting through more exercises in the same amount of time?
  •     Have you noticed more muscle definition?
  •     Are you finding it easier to do difficult exercises or moves?
  •     Do you have a better range of motion, or more flexibility?
  •     Are you sleeping better?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are making progress! For those with long-term goals, it can be hard to stay motivated. But these are signs that you are getting there, step by step!










source : https://www.kaylaitsines.com/blogs/lifestyle/how-to-measure-your-progress

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