Strength is a complicated topic. It’s not something that can be easily explained in one sentence but it’s also important to know what it means and how to get stronger.

What is strength

The definition of strength can vary depending on the person. 

It refers to the force or power that enables someone or something to do something difficult or impossible. 

If you are strong enough then you’re able to complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible for people who don’t have as much strength.

For example, a strong person can perform more push-up in a row with strict form.

It is also important to keep in mind: being big doesn’t mean you are strong. Likewise, being small in size doesn’t mean you are weak.

Strength is the ability of your muscles to work together in a coordinated fashion. It is not about the muscle size, but your neural adaption to maximize the force you can exert in a particular movement.

Signs that you’re not strong enough

The following is a list of common symptoms or behaviours indicating weakness:

  • You can’t walk upstairs without getting winded
  • You feel tired after physical exertion or performing certain tasks (e.g. lifting your laundry basket into your car)
  • You can’t perform the same workout as compared to someone who is your age group and size.

The best way to know if you are strong enough is by doing a strength test using your bodyweight. 

Try these 5 exercises: push-ups, squats, lunges, plank hold and handstands.

You should gauge how many of each exercise you can complete with good form without resting.

This will give you an idea of what level you are at and where you need improvement.

How to gain more strength and get stronger

Apply these concepts to all your workouts (bodyweight or weight lifting)

  • Rest enough between sets, generally 3 to 5 minutes. You want to perform each exercise with the best form and state of mind.
  • Perfect form is everything. If you train with sloppy form, you are going to get sloppy result.
  • High intensity, low frequency. Keep your max repetition at 8 within a set is generally a good idea. That provides enough training volume and not too much frequency to make it an endurance training.

Being strong comes with multiple perks

Many physical benefits come from being strong. Here’s a list:

  • Improved posture. Decreased risk of injury in the knees, hips, back etc. because you have better stability or protection against those
  • Better shape due to increased muscle mass and fat loss (muscle is denser)
  • Increased bone density, which can help protect against osteoporosis
  • Greater self-confidence because you can do more things on your own
  • Less likelihood of having depression or anxiety in the future. This is because a higher basal metabolic rate helps with mental health and well being.

Resources for getting stronger

Warrior Fitness is going to be your best bet. We’re offering master programs that is more than typical workout.

From obstacle course running, self-defence to kickboxing and functional strength training. 

You’re going to develop fitness for daily life in a fun and friendly way (we’ve got a lovely community to train together!).

If you are more of a self-taught guy, YouTube has much great content for you to follow at home. 

Search with queries like “how to do a proper pull-up” or “abs training routine” to get started. 

Some of the videos will cover the whole topic by explaining the workout mechanism and benefits. While some are in follow-through mode which you can start playing and follow along.


Proper equipment is another key to progress your training result quickly and safely.

Gravgear specialize in premium quality calisthenics equipment that is versatile for the most workout. And the best thing is, all their product is covered under a lifetime warranty.


We hope this blog has given you some insight into how to know if your strength is adequate and what to do about it. 

If you’ve found that the testing outlined here shows a weakness, there are plenty of ways to work on strengthening and retraining muscles so they can do what they need to do when called upon. 

Start easy, and keep going!

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