Clean Up Your Diet

Clean Up Your Diet?

Good nutrition improves health (your wealth), body composition (lean muscle mass) and performance (physical and mental)

Some tips to improving your nutrition

  • Drink Water: Often tiredness & illness come from dehydration. So keep yourself well hydrated during and after exercise. Try to drink water as it’s the best and most natural fluid replacement. Note sport drinks contain lots of sugar and should only be consumed after a hard training session to replace the glucose and other minerals lost during sweating.
  • Work to make better food decisions: To burn fat you must eat less calories than you burn daily to achieve long term weight management.
    • Include more non-processed foods in your daily diet , weed out the processed foods like sugar.
    • Eat a well-balanced diet packed with all the macronutrients (lean proteins, eggs, protein shakes), good fats (nuts, olives, fish oil, avocados, etc.) and quality carbohydrates (fresh food, vegetables, brown rice).
  • Eat smaller portions however aim never to skip meals.
  • Slow down when you eat – Eat to 80% full
  • Eat Breakfast; this sets you up both physically and mentally for the day ahead. Good morning foods are eggs, oats & fruit.
  • Make a food plan for the week. Eat the same meals everyday.
  • Cut out Smoking and Alcohol: Training does not cancel out bad habits like over indulging in alcohol & smoking, so do try to stop or minimize your intake.
  • Take your daily multivitamins and omega three fatty acids ( fish oils).


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