Bootcamp – The Verdict

So it has been more than a month since I attended my first Bootcamp training and amazingly, I am still attending it religiously every Monday. The reason why it took so long to write a verdict on this is because.. well, I’d like to see for myself what they have to offer and if in fact they live up to what they claim they can deliver.

Also, I don’t want to just attend ONE Bootcamp training and then spread to the world the next day that I ‘survived’ Bootcamp. Like DUH!, of course EVERYONE will survive Bootcamp! The program is not designed to kill you, only tough enough to make you crawl your way out of it.. no I’m just kidding. It’s not that bad, really.

Now I may be writing this from the point of view of someone who is addicted to workouts and loves a bit of torture and pain, but I will try my best to write this so called ‘verdict’ from a general point of view, tho I can’t promise there won’t be any sadistic love shown for torture as the writing progresses.

Ok, BOOTCAMP. The name itself scares the hell out of a lot of people. For people like Zeek who didn’t know what it’s all about, he thought it was some orgy sex party. Well, there will be one common similarity though, and it’s the elements of SM (sadomasochism) haha.

The promise

Bootcamp promises weight loss and all round fitness.

To be honest, from weight loss point of view, I can’t really tell you that I’ve lost weight for I’ve always yo yo-ed in between 1 or 2 kgs, depending on my cycle and of course, DIET. One has to remember that Bootcamp itself, or any form of exercise at all, will not make you lose weight if you do not alter your eating habits. Hell, not even the famous Tracy Anderson (Madonna’s fitness guru) can transform your Michelin body into a toned physique if you continue lining up at 3am for Nasi Beratur.

Fitness wise, I feel that the stamina is a bit better, I’m able to endure anaerobic exercises for longer time. I’m not just merely making a statement, I feel the change. I’ve been a gym freak for as long as I remember and I didn’t feel or see a significant increase on my anaerobic fitness until recently. Perhaps I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in the gym, giving up when I felt like I couldn’t handle it, hence, always back in square one. Gym was a walk in the park compared to Bootcamp. No I’m not trying to scare you off but let’s just say if you pay to lose weight and get fit, you might as well go for the right solution.

The environment

I have love and hate relationship with Bootcamp being an outdoor fitness program. Of course the fresh air, wind factor and ample of space to move around helped but there’s one thing I dislike, the grass. Now I’m not afraid of getting down and dirty rolling on the ground but I hate to deal with the itchiness from the grass after that 🙁 Think I’m getting better in it now, my skin is still fine from Monday’s training, no itching, redness or whatsoever.

Perhaps in a way I’m an exhibitionist, but I kinda like it when strangers began looking at us while we’re working out. And the ego inside you says ‘Ha, look at me, I’m tougher than you cause I’m doing Bootcamp and all you can do is just stare and wish you have that much energy level or stamina like mine, blek!’

Oh well, doesn’t everyone loveee looking tough? *shrug*

The instructors

All of them are fit, period. Suppose if you’re running a fitness class, you have to live up to the expectations yourself don’t you? I remembered being reluctant to join an aerobics class conducted by a chubby instructor, questioning the effectiveness of the class since she looked kinda.. you know.. out of shape. So yes, appearance IS important one way or another.

The instructors are very professional in what they do, with most of them having had experiences in fitness themselves (ex army officer, state hockey coach, fitness instructors, triathlete) but they’re not your average army officer who demands 50 pushups on the spot if you come in last in the race. Friendly, approachable and they took the effort to ask everyone’s fitness level before the class so they know how much to push you and when not to.

Be prepared to get pushed, shouted at (in a good motivating way) and of course, the intensity of the trainings, which brings me to the next point.

The trainings

So far I think I’ve attended 5 or 6 classes of Bootcamp, don’t remember but as far as I CAN remember, none of the trainings was ever repeated. We get different types of workouts and games in each training and that’s what makes the training FUN! We never know what to expect!

Finding the fun in workout depends on oneself. The trainings are designed to get the best out of all the warriors (BC participants are addressed as such), the instructors are there to push and motivate you but at the end of the day, you need to find the satisfaction of getting the best out of the workout. And the satisfaction is none other than knowing that you have tried pushing and motivating yourself to give it just ONE more go when you think you can’t anymore, and another, and another.

We ran, sprinted, jumped, did crazy numbers of crunches, planks, lunges; basically pushed to the max. Of course you are allowed to stop when you feel like you can’t go on anymore, there’s no pressure but ultimately I try to push the limits if I can.

Who’s in Bootcamp?

A lot of people refrained from trying out Bootcamp because of this mentality.


10 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I could lose 8kgs. I didn’t think I’d ever exercise at all, I didn’t think men would like me coz I’m overweight, I didn’t think I could be addicted to working out, I didn’t think I could feel this good, yada yada yada excuses and more excuses…

You have already lost the war before you even began.

If you think Bootcamp is only for fit people, you’re dead wrong (why do I sound like I’m getting paid to write this?) But hey, it’s the truth. There are actually more unfit people who join this more than fit ones. But then again, that’s the whole point isn’t it? To get fitter.

So far in the sessions, I’ve seen both students and mainly working adults. Their aims differ from weight loss to getting fit, or fitter to getting ragged. Yes, it’s good to know there are other people out there who love a lil bit of pain in their workouts like I do 😀 I have seen determined out of shape women who keep coming back to push themselves further and really, you have to give it to them. They willed themselves to fight the war. And the good news is, some of them actually did lose weight! You see, discipline and hardwork will eventually get you to where you want to be, slowly but surely!


Some people may deem the price a little too steep for what they’re getting. Yes I have to be frank, there are no gym equipments for you to show off those biceps, no air conditioning (strictly depends on weather) or even hot ladies in lycra to ogle at for men but well, for me it’s a good change, though I still have my gym membership which I seldom use now coz I much prefer outdoor trainings.

No time wasted to wait to use the machines or equipments, just one full hour of great workout. Plus it can get too claustrophobic in stuffy gym room sometimes.

It really depends on the individual, I can’t tell you where to invest your money in fitness. Some people invest thousands in a bike they rarely use and some people also invest thousands in yearSSS of gym membership they stop going after a year.

I actually think it’s a good deal. You pay RM150 a month and you get 6 hours per week, that’s like 6×4= 24 hours (provided you attend ALL the classes diligently) worth of intense workout into your system. I’m sure by the end of the first month you are bound to see some results!

So value for money? Yea, why not?


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