Conventional wisdom tells us that we must train only at our own sport to get better. For example many runners spend most of their time only doing one thing running in the belief that other forms of training such as Bootcamp will be detrimental to their performance.

Unfortunately the realities of doing one type of sports activities is increased risk of injury & possibly plateau of performance. It is also true that most runners and cyclists are also for example in poor shape above the waist as they do little or no weight training because they believe it will slow them down.

 In fact the opposite is true with the latest research showing that runners and cyclists will see performance benefits from Bootcamp training. Consequently coaches now recommend that you incorporate high intensity workout into your weekly program as it provides the right mix of strength & anaerobic training to develop lung capacity & powerful muscles. The other benefits are that it will also build core strength & reduce injury while making you more durable both mentally and physically.

 So why not come along to our sessions you will see & feel the difference.

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