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Take your cardio workout to another level and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This training method will involve alternating a few exercises at a given time with minimum rest in between workouts.

  • gain muscles
  • increases metabolism
  • more fat burnt

This type of workout is important for overall fitness and lifestyle. Will improve your

  • strength
  • bone density
  • energy level
  • shape/tone up muscles
  • growth development for young adult

Metabolic conditioning combines strength and cardio training. The different levels of intensity offer the ability of muscle building, an increase in metabolism and shredding more fat. Those new to training or preferring a lower intensity workout may also go for lower intensity options yet enjoy the session with us.

Come and be surprised by the session we have for you for the day. The routine changes will give you unexpected challenges but still a full-body workout. Every WOD session will surely leave you satisfied that you had put in the effort towards a healthier you.
And it is promised to be fun too!

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