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Picking the right plan is less about finding “the one approach that works” and more about finding “the right approach for you.” It’s a lot easier to accomplish if you avoid all of the garbage information that will lead you farther from your goals. Health can feel like an overwhelming checklist of foods to eat, [...] Read more
Strength is a complicated topic. It's not something that can be easily explained in one sentence but it's also important to know what it means and how to get stronger. What is strength The definition of strength can vary depending on the person.  It refers to the force or power that enables someone or something [...] Read more
“Engage your core” is a common cue during tons of exercises and workouts. Doing so improves stabilization and balance, helping you move more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury. But engaging your core isn’t about sucking your belly button to your spine. It’s also not only about your six-pack. Your core is your diaphragm, [...] Read more
When you discover that you can’t do something, rather than feeling resigned that you’ll never be able to do it, try the reframe “I can’t do it… yet.” You can do this with any of your fitness or non-fitness-related goals. For example: I can’t do double unders... yet. I can’t do a handstand… yet. I [...] Read more
You will not lose fitness if you take a rest day, or two, a week. You will not forget how to swim, bike, or run. You won’t even DNS or DNF. In fact, the opposite is true — if you allow your body to periodically take rest days, and have recovery weeks built into your [...] Read more
Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone, like in the foot or even in the leg, caused by repeated strain in that area. They tend to occur more commonly in the weight-bearing bones of the foot or lower leg, and typically affects those with a lower bone mineral density. What is bone mineral density, [...] Read more
Low-calorie foods are booming: cold cuts, milk, cheese, granola bars, soft drinks, salty snacks — there are “light” versions of all these foods and many more. We turn to “light” products because we want to eat healthy and hope they will help us lose weight. We automatically associate words like “sugar-free,” “low-fat,” or “wellness” with [...] Read more
Most training information and advice is typically centered around workouts, periodized programs, nutrition and cross training modalities such as strength training. While all of these things are important, the topic of suffering is often left out. A LEARNED SKILL? It would be easy to pass off the ability to suffer/have a high pain tolerance as [...] Read more
You may have heard that electrolytes are important, especially if you train hard. But why? These tiny chemical substances are keeping your body’s finely tuned systems together. This includes your muscles and even your brain! Read on to learn the basics. What are electrolytes and why are they important? When you hear talk of “electrolytes”, [...] Read more
Maintaining the ability to hit top gear after your twenties is useful even for endurance athletes, and takes specific training. There’s something about sprinting, even for those who love endurance above all else. Your top speed can win or lose races, and can also serve as an indirect marker of muscle and tendon properties that [...] Read more

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