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When it comes to running, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marathon runner, you won’t go far without the right fuel. And while we do need fuel to go the distance, our bodies are a little more complex than a car tanking for mileage. Let’s dive into the nutritional fundamentals that every runner should [...] Read more
You often hear the term “metabolism” being thrown around a lot in the fitness world, but have you ever considered what it means for your health? Everything your body does requires energy, whether it's breathing, pumping blood around, or digesting food. And your metabolism is the series of chemical processes keeping you alive behind the [...] Read more
They may look good but it’s not all about the biceps. Did you know that your triceps are about twice the size of your biceps? And they are incredibly important as almost all upper-body exercises use them. Why Train Triceps? The triceps muscle makes up 60% of your upper arm, making it a crucial part [...] Read more
A key component of exercise is proper form in each movement you add to your workout. This applies to everything from a stationary bike to an overhead press. Before you add reps, weight, or change it up, you've got to make sure your form is good enough to stand any additional tests you add to [...] Read more
Savvy packaging and marketing that positions certain products as being better for you than others can make choosing healthy foods difficult to navigate. When grabbing packaged foods adorned with words like “fruit,” “vegetable,” “whole grain,” or “high protein,” on the labels, it’s natural to assume they will offer you some level of added nutrition. The [...] Read more
Here's what you can do to prevent pain. Start by checking your ego at the door. While the deadlift may look simple, it’s an incredibly technical exercise. One wrong move and you might end up hurt. That’s why it’s so common for people to associate low back pain with deadlifting—but if you know what you’re [...] Read more
For some athletes, taking pain relievers like Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (NSAID) to ease muscle soreness after a hard workout is second nature. However, while pain relievers may have their place in lessening discomfort, pain can also be an important signal from the body that you’ve overdone it. So, how do you know when to [...] Read more
There’s a difference between nice and being kind—even our bodies recognize the distinction. Kindness not only pours a lot of good into the world, but it’s also good for one’s own health. It doesn’t take much to harness the power of kindness, and it can be as simple as wishing someone a good day over [...] Read more
Diet culture is the pervasive belief that appearance and body shape are more important than physical, psychological, and general well-being. It's the idea that controlling your body, particularly your diet—by limiting what and how much you eat—is normal. Diet culture also normalizes labeling foods as good or bad and thinking of food as transactional—something that [...] Read more
Healthy eating is an excellent goal, but when taken to an extreme, pursuing the so-called "perfect" diet can actually become an unhealthy obsession. When people become fixated on eating “right” to the detriment of their mental health or overall wellness, they may be diagnosed with an eating disorder known as orthorexia nervosa—sometimes simply called orthorexia. [...] Read more

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