Mariane is a health and fitness advocate from New Zealand. As a Military Psychologist in the New Zealand Defence Force with 15 years’ experience, her passion lies in the link between mental and physical health, and the belief that you cannot have one without the other. Mariane completed her fitness certification in 2013, and has been instructing at Warrior since her arrival in Penang. Mariane combines her extensive experience in psychology with fun and effective workouts designed to make you both mentally and physically fitter.

Mariane is also a certified weight loss specialist ( NASM) and has extensive experience in providing weight-loss support, training children and adults for specific sporting events, and is the leader of one of Penang’s many running groups.

As a kiwi, Mariane enjoys the outdoors and is often found up Penang Hill running the trails. She enjoys running half marathons, hiking, camping, skiing, and completing physically challenging workouts. She also enjoys spending time with her two young children, who have no choice but to like running!

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