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I have been running for 38 years, and for the last 10 years, a lot of adventure and ultra marathons.  These were done mostly during my 21 years in China.  I played a lot of tennis then, and I have my own home gym which I used very regularly.  I was younger too.  So, I seldom have injuries due to the cross training I get from playing tennis.
Since coming back to Malaysia in Dec 2014, and setting up a company to organize ultra marathon events, I have spent a lot of time sitting down for long hours.  I stopped playing tennis too, and visit to the gym becomes very irregular.  My muscles were often quite tight, and my running movement was stiff.  I started to develop persistent heel pains on both heels.  It affected my running training, and racing performance.
I visited and got treatments from physiotherapy centres.  I was taught a number of exercises that I should do daily or regularly.  But I found it hard to do these exercises regularly, with sufficient intensity and duration.  My heels still hurt.
In early 2017, after frequent chatting with Roger Choo, I got to know more about Warrior boot camp, and decided to try out at least once.
Upon joining the 1st session, I found out that the exercises are very similar to those taught by my physiotherapists, and some more.  I am convinced that these are exercises that will rehabilitate my body in the long run.  The coaches are knowledgeable and motivating.  There are sufficient varieties as well to keep the workout challenging and interesting.
After a few months, I noticed that my heels do not hurt anymore like in the past.  I am able to run fast and long.  I need to maintain this workout routines for the rest of my sporting life at least so as to remain healthy enough for my main sport.  At the age of 56 going 57 this year, it’s even more critical to keep up the effort in maintaining strong muscles and joints.
Of course, the fellowship of fellow warriors is a great appeal too to keep coming back to warrior boot camp.
I live in KL now but travel to Penang 2 to 3 times a week.  If possible, I’ll join 3 sessions a week, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I’ve learnt a lot this year.  Learning the different exercises, the correct techniques of doing them. Initially It was tough physically too, but I can manage all of them with relative ease now.  I also workout most parts of my body now, instead of just the running joints and muscles.
My focus in future is super long ultra marathon (road and trail), and full Ironman. Both of these requires long hours of training like back to back long runs of 30km each.  Without the heel pains now, I can train much more than before to achieve good performance.  I am now in preparation for the biggest race this year:  836 km of training running on the Pyrenees mountain in France in Aug this year.  On top of that, there will be 3 full ironman races this year too.  Warrior Boot Camp activities will be a key part of my training workouts.
Keep doing what you’re best at, in the exercise routines.  On top of that, it’ll be great to have a size of about 20 for each session.
– Seow Kong

I joined Warrior Fitness in December 2017, to boost my overall physical fitness. I first discovered Warriors when my dad and I were exercising in Youth Park. My attention was caught repetitively by the energetic commotion of a group of people wearing red shirts, and soon decided to join. Within two months of joining, I found myself improving in both fitness and strength, which contributed to my performance in a swimming competition. I started attending 1 bootcamp session a week, and eventually worked my way up to 5 sessions a week on average. The Coaches are all very professional, motivating and passionate, helping me look forward to the next session, even after a tough workout. They offer great technical support and can spot even the smallest technical errors during the workout. I am getting stronger and hope that one day I can complete the Spartan Beast race.
– Jia Jie

I joined Warrior Fitness Operation Transformation 6.0 in March 2018 to lose weight and be more physically active. Attending bootcamp training sessions was part of the program. I found OT 6.0 program very helpful as it provided not only fitness but also nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance. At first I’ve joined 5:30 am bootcamp sessions and then also added Endurance Run, Raw and Boxing. Occasionally I show up at Mayhem (if manage to escape from my office early enough :)) So far my bootcamp experience if absolutely fantastic. Coaches are professional and encouraging offering different options of the same exercise for different fitness levels. I felt instantly welcomed by fellow Warriors. I could not imagine 3 months ago that I would dare to do an obstacle race (or any race all :)) and now I can say that I did it! I have completed Urban Jungle Challenge together with my Warrior friends. We were going through the course together helping each other if needed. Now I am getting ready for my first Spartan Sprint. I am still a bit nervous but I know that I can do it thanks to Warrior training sessions and Warrior friends support.
– Alex

I joined Warrior Bootcamp in March 2017, although I had tried several sessions beforehand just to make sure it was right for me. I really didn’t want to commit to something and then lose interest and fail! I think this is probably a cycle that many of us can identify with. However, I was really looked after by the Warrior family and was supported and encouraged beyond all expectation; this positive attitude kept me coming back again and again until my bad habits changed to good habits.
I moved to Penang with my son, from the UK in August 2016, to take up a new teaching post and during the whole process of ‘ planning and moving’ I got into bad habits and stopped exercising regularly. I had always been pretty active, however I am an asthmatic and so running was always my achelees heal and something I tried to avoid if I could. Penang jungle air changed that entirely and since I have lived here I have not needed medication at all! I have run a half marathon, completed the Warrior Beach Obstacle race and taken part in a Spartan race too. I never knew what a belly burpy was until joining Warrior Fitness- but we are VERY well acquainted now!
I try to attend 3/4 sessions per week; I aim for 2 evening sessions during the week after work (and organising my son with his homework and chores) also a Saturday morning Raw session and a fantastic Boxing session in the afternoon whilst my son attends Junior Warrior Fitness- it works pretty well and he loves it! I usually have a run on Sunday sometimes with Warrior friends. Right now, I am looking forward to the Urban Jungle Obstacle race, organised by Warrior Fitness, followed by the Penang Esplanade Half Marathon.
As I write this I actually cannot believe that I am fit enough to do these races, but I absolutely am. I think that it has worked for me because I have been consistent, even when work demands have meant that I have missed some sessions, it hasn’t deterred me, and nobody at Warrior makes me feel bad about it. When I see my Warrior friends it is such a pleasure and I look forward to my sessions so much.
My Warrior Fitness experiences this year have change because I have much more confidence in myself and what I can achieve. I trust my body and understand my limitations. I feel that all the sweat and struggle in the early months has paid off and has giving me a new level of motivation. I still have off days and I never compare myself to others( well, maybe occasionally..) but I am a fitter, healthier and happier person than before I joined the sessions.
I hope that Warrior Fitness continues with the great work into the future, building on their core values and encouraging members from all over to come and take part.
– Farida

My journey with Warrior began when a friend encouraged me to join. I had seen some of the crazy stuff that warriors did and my first response was, “I ain’t doing all the tough workout you guys do.” Then she told me about a free trial with Warrior Lite and after that trial I decided that I would become a member.The coaches were really encouraging and told us to go at our own pace. The other members were also very motivating and soon I felt like I belonged. A month later, I felt my stamina had improved and the exercises were getting easier. I had begun to enjoy the sessions and looked forward to coming each week. Currently, due to my busy schedule I am coming for 2 sessions per week but will look at increasing the sessions.
I also joined the Operation Transformation program and I believe that is one of the best things that I have done. I learned how to look at food differently and became very careful with what I put into my mouth. It was tough in the beginning as I had to make a lifestyle change. Together with OT and the warrior sessions, I began to feel and look better. Overall I lost inches and my clothes fit me better too.
My main reason for joining Warrior was to improve my health. Last week when I went to my doctor, he told me that I can stop taking my hypertension medication as my blood pressure had stabilised. Wow! I couldn’t believe my ears!! I would like Warrior Fitness to become the No.1 health and wellness establishment to help people of all ages to become mentally and physically stronger and healthier by having roadshows and awareness programmes.. MY goal for the future is to get fitter, stronger and healthier and to enrol more of my friends with health issues into Warrior Fitness.
– Shama

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