If the gym’s a bore and you can never keep up with self-motivation, perhaps bootcamp’s the answer.

1. Efficient and effective workouts 
Each boot camp workout is specifically tailored to help you burn the maximum amount of fats with the minimum amount of time. Because it utilises multiple types of physical conditioning which works out every muscle of your body, boot camps break away from the typical set patterns of a gym routine. In just four weeks of a good boot camp programme, you will notice increased energy levels, physical strength, endurance, stamina, and a decrease in your body fat (yay!).
2. No more boredom
Instead of doing the same thing every single time you turn up, you’ll find yourself working out to a variety of different activities which challenges different parts of your body. One minute you’ll be sprinting up and down the stairs, and the other you’ll be working together to transport a heavy tyre from one end of the field to the other. For the ones who crave excitement, boot camp dishes up quite a lot of it.
3. Fun yet challenging
Working out in a team adds accountability and motivation, plus nothing challenges you more than someone else doing better! (And don’t worry, it’s going to be nothing like military-style boot camps. No shouting commanders or punishment push-ups!)
4. Personal instructors at a not so personal price
If you’re one of those who needs external stimuli to get moving, you’ll love boot camp. Every step of the way, whether you are doing jumping jacks or bear crawls, an experienced instructor will be by your side motivating you. But because boot camp is set in a group, they are usually much more affordable than hiring a personal trainer.
5. Get results fast
Because of its highly effective workout programmes tailored to fit your body and fitness type, boot camp usually gets you much quicker results than running on a treadmill at the gym. Boot camp trainers also dish out nutrition advice, which as we all know, goes hand in hand with a fitness regime to keep you healthy and strong.
6. There’s something for every level 
Have you been a couch potato all your life? Or perhaps you are a 10-time triathlon winner? Whatever your fitness level is, boot camp can help provide a suitable (and fun) challenge. Participants are divided into teams corresponding to their physical capacity, then work outs are planned accordingly. Wherever you are in the fitness journey, boot camp can help you level up.
7. Make new friends
The people you hang out can influence what you order at a restaurant and how often you work out, and basically everything else you do in life. After all, peer pressure is king. At boot camp, you’ll meet people who like you, are motivated enough to get healthy and happy. Working in a team with them will help foster closer relations and who knows, you might be checking out these healthy cafes for a cuppa after working out!
8. More happiness
This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Exercising releases endorphins which keeps you on a positive high. Most boot camps schedule their sessions to run early in the morning, before you head off to work, or early in the evening, right after you get off work. This means you can choose to either start your day off happy and confident, or end a tiring day by releasing the happy hormones.

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