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Our Successes

* Prior to joining Warrior, I tried many diets and exercised on my own but I would never to be able to successfully lose any weight. After 3 months with Warrior doing serious trainings for at least 3 times a week, I have managed to lose 4 kgs and also inches off the body. Now I'm proud to say I can finally put back on my old trousers and I look great too. This program is fantastic, thank you Warrior! 
- Annie
* Since I joined Warrior, my weight has reduced about 4-5kgs, but the importance here is not to lose weight; it is how I have learned the right way to perform different types of exercises to keep myself healthy. The second thing Warrior has taught me is persistency and discipline in my workouts. I try not to miss any session if I can. Last but not least, it is definitely great to get to know more new friends.
- Phaik Hoon
* For me the best two things about it are, one, the classes are given by coaches with many years experience in all areas of fitness and sports health, and they genuinely seem care about you and your health. Secondly is the camaraderie that is evident even on your first day. As an expat married to a local Penangite, settling into a land and culture so completely different my own has had its challenges. Not only has Warrior given me a focus regarding my fitness, but it has helped me with the isolation that goes with moving from one country/culture to another.
I highly recommend giving it a go and I am confident you will love it and want to keep coming back for more. They also cater for all ages and ALL level of fitness. I wish I had found them sooner.
- Siobhan
* Step classes, gym memberships, even tried self-training at home for a bit but for the past couple of years or so, Warrior has been the most effective at helping me attain my exercise goals – a healthy lifestyle, improved fitness and weight maintenance. The variety of exercises that comes with the many different trainers not only brings diversity into the program but also make you work on the different muscles groups which we tend to ignore when we just hone in on one type of exercise. Sure, some exercises never fail to incite a groan or two but completing them only brings satisfaction of physical and mental achievement.
- Suan Choo
* If there is such thing as one size fits all, then Warrior is your one stop solution for fitness needs. It provides all round fitness training from agility to speed training to cross training to strength to flexibility. The coaches are friendly and always ready to advise and help. With Warrior, I'm simply FITTER, FASTER, TOUGHER and STRONGER! 
- Sharon
* It has now been almost a year since I joined and I can honestly say, it has been a wonderful experience. The people who attend are a very positive and friendly group. I have made some great friends and everyone is extremely encouraging and supportive. The enthusiastic coaches bring their own unique style to each session which means it's never boring. It's about doing your best and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.
- Ann L.
* Boys, girls, young, middle aged and older, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Expat, fat, thin or in between – at Warrior we are all the same. We are all striving to become fitter and healthier, to enjoy our lives to the utmost. And the best part is that everyone shares, everyone supports and everyone has fun. I love (most of the time) every coach, and I love my classmates. They are all special people.
- Bernadette
* Warrior training entails several aspects to achieve optimum fitness and physical endurance like strength, flexibility, balance, power, speed, coordination, agility and stamina. In summary, Warrior helps me gain a stronger core muscle by doing different cross-training exercises.
- Jenny
* I never thought I could get hooked on something that was initially so hard and felt like torture! But now I love the way I feel after a class, seeing my body change and knowing I'm getting so much fitter and healthier. As an expat, it's also been a great way to meet fantastic, friendly local people. Being in a group keeps you motivated and the coaches know just what to say and when to push you to help you achieve your best.
- Sarah W
* I joined a gym for many years but never got the results that I did at Warrior. I swapped air con and hard floors for the hot sun and rainy days and I’m loving it! 
- Josie
* Warrior keeps me fit and pushes me to do things I never thought I could do! The coaches and recruits are a fun bunch and we have good laughs in between the intense workout which is a major stress relief. Best investment I’ve made and it’s addictive too! 
- Ann M
* I enjoy coming to Warrior sessions so much that I even introduced my sister, Jessie and we both are now regulars. I have also met many wonderful new friends along the way and they gave me the motivation to keep going, get healthy and stay active.
- Jo An
* It took my sister, Jo An, one year to convince me to try out Warrior, and when I eventually tried it in August 2013, I have been hooked ever since. It makes me feel fitter, stronger and healthier. It is challenging but fun and the recruits are all so fun to be with and always encouraging each other. I could never run for more than 2km before I joined and now I am joining fun runs and marathons, thanks to Warrior coaches for their tips and constant reminders on "doing it right". Be it rain or shine, I get myself to Warrior sessions and always go home with a feeling of achievement. There is no doubt that my fitness and endurance level have increased because of Warrior. **Be warned, it is ADDICTIVE!!!** 
- Jessie
* Since being with Warrior, my life has changed to become fitter and healthier, from looking ‘round’ to now looking fitter and more toned. I’ve also learned to do things I never believed I could do, such as running half marathons and doing 40 pushups a minute. It is a part of my life which I can't live without it. Even though I am heading into my 40's, I look and feel so much younger. I love Warrior, it keeps me fresh and stress free! 

- Adeline C.