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Our Successes

I first started Warrior Boot Camp in March 2017 after hearing about it from a few friends and immediately I fell in love with this "big family". As a newbie, I always felt like I was part of a team because of the friendliness of the warriors. The coaches are really helpful and encouraging too. Now I attend 3-4 sessions per week. Bootcamp is tough in my opinion, but I'm always up for the challenge. I wish to be stronger mentally and physically, but still have fun in the process of getting there. 
- May-Lynn
At first, I wasn't very good at sports so I decided to join Warrior boot camp. During the work out sessions, I met a lot of new friends. I like the workout and it is very fun. Warrior boot camp also made me fitter, faster and stronger. I now attend about 3 days a week. I learned the correct technique for each exercise and it helped on other activities like running. My running speed is better than before. I can do push-ups more efficiently and faster. I also find it much easier doing some school activities that require these kinds of exercises. I wish WBC will organize more events and a camping soon. I also want to say thanks to my parents for supporting me to join this boot camp. 
- Gabriel Ph'ng
I have heard about this Warrior community long ago before I stepped in. I still remember the first time I joined a Warrior Boot Camp class. It was a boxing class conducted by Chinlee Tay and I remembered being paired up with our beloved and respected Mr. Chun Kok Khaw (Peter). He was so energetic and active. I also remembered he kept saying to me "AH BOY, you are strong and fast, you need to come and train with us!" Sorry for bringing up this sad story but his perseverance and determination in sports definitely lit a spark in my heart and I am very grateful to have met him in WBC. I remembered going to a free Spartan Clinic at Lembah Permai and that was when my interest soared. It was in that moment I realized I have got so much more to learn. Growing up as a naïve individual, I love learning new things and I always tried to put my best in everything I do, be it in training or competition. What makes me keep coming back??? The main reason was the people and the environment here. Everyone in WBC is extremely friendly and I can proudly say that I know most of the Warriors already. Millions thanks to all WBC coaches for making each and every workout session fun and competitive. It is very different compared to our normal type of gym because the workout includes much more running and agility movements. Besides that, the motivation and encouragement from all the coaches are really incredible and I do have a goal to chase which is to be as good as Coach Aris Tan Cheang Cheng and Coach Roger Choo Hahahaha! They are truly inspirational! 
During my time in Penang, on average I think I attended two or three sessions per week mostly Mayhem on Tuesday evenings and Raw on Saturday mornings. I would love to have joined more sessions but unfortunately I need to balance between my running workout, WBC session, and also not forgetting playing other sports with my peers which include football, swimming, hiking, badminton and etc. I have learned so much from the Warrior community, especially on the knowledge of various movements and body weight exercises. I don't really fancy these exercises because I find them extremely difficult to complete during my old days. However, now I can easily name a few exercises that I enjoy the most: burpees, tyre flips, bear crawls, bar hanging and many more. All in all, I would say I have enjoyed every single session and every single moment of my experience in WBC. I hope that WBC community would continue to do what they do best which is to enhance the interests exercise and athleticism. For those who like to hibernate during your free time, you should try WBC one day. Who knows? You might fall in love with exercise without you knowing it and most importantly making exercise a daily lifestyle!
- Tan Yong Shen
I joined WBC in October 2014 on the recommendation of a fellow Warrior. I'd moved to Penang from Dubai earlier that year and was unable to find any fitness classes that were both fun and challenging. After my first session at Straits Green I was hooked! It was the combination of a fabulous outdoor setting, a roster of different coaches who each have different styles so we never know exactly what we are going to be faced with each morning, plus a fun group of people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels who share an amazing Warrior spirit and never leave anyone behind. I've never been a morning person but I have no problem setting the alarm and kick-starting my day (and my metabolism!) with WBC at Straits Green. It not only contributes to my physical fitness but also to my mental wellbeing as I've made new friends along the way. I always leave the sessions with a smile on my face having had a good sweat and usually a jolly good laugh. I try to attend three times a week for Agility, Strength and Speed. This year I want to mix it up a bit with attending Beach Bootcamp, RAW and some of the hikes and rucksack challenges, although I suspect the earlier starts are going to be as big a challenge as the activities! 
I'm not very keen on running but last year I ran my first 10k thanks to the encouragement of the WBC team. I was chuffed to bits as I was even placed 2nd in my category. This year I ran the Spartan Sprint in KL as part of the WBC Penang group. Training wasn't easy as we travel a lot and for long periods, and I couldn't have completed the race at all if it hadn't been for the extra WBC Spartan Training camps held prior to the race. They not only taught me technique but also gave me confidence that I could complete the course with minimal risk of injury - an important factor when you're on the wrong side of 55! WBC has changed a lot since I joined nearly three years ago as it has responded to the needs of its members, and that's what makes it so easy to keep coming back for more. We now have more choice of classes and packages, more varied equipment, specialized sessions for specific events, more health and wellbeing programmes and social events. There really is something for everyone and I look forward to seeing what they think of next! 
- Terry
I was recommended by my primary school mate on my fist trial of WBC boot camp. I found that it was fun doing the workout together with the crowd. With the experience and helpfulness of the coaches, I have decided to become a member after the first trial on a long term basis. I started since July 2016 and I attend 3 times a week and occasionally on weekends. I have been losing weight since I first joined and managed to shed 25 pounds! Throughout WBC boot camp, I have participated in the Penang Bridge Half Marathon and even completed Spartan Race and a few smaller races. The coaches in WBC have taught qualities like dedication and selflessness in achieving our goals. I would like to see WBC expand to achieve greater heights in terms of publicity and well known for their outdoor boot camps. I am targeting to improve my running skills and possibly to join greater events in the future. 
- Soon Hin
When I was in high school and college, I was a strong runner. I could run a 4:30 mile and could run 21km in about 1:15. After graduating from college, I moved to China to teach English for two years. During that time, I developed some digestive problems that, over the course of one and half years, became quite severe. My weight dropped to 109 lbs, and I was hospitalized numerous times. I was so sick, and it sounds overly dramatic, but several times Winnie and I thought I was going to die. The digestive problems affective not only muscle strength but also cardio ability. I went from running 3:45/km (what I once considered jogging) to not being able to run 400m without stopping to walk. It was humbling, and in the end it took me about six years to get back to a healthy place digestively. I joined Warrior in November 2016. Winnie had joined in October, and I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed it. She encouraged me to join her, but initially I was hesitant. In the five years or so since my health had improved, I'd slowly become active again. I'd done some running, but because of the loss of muscle from my sickness, I always had knee pain after I ran. As a result, I did a lot of jump squats and sometimes added weight training with programs like P90X. Plus, the idea of bear crawling through the mud didn't sound like my idea of a good time! 
When I finally started coming to the Warrior workouts with Winnie, I was surprised how much fun it was. I enjoyed the community and the opportunity to exercise with and compete against others. The combination of strength and endurance was also new and exciting. Even though I was in decent shape when I first started, I was always really sore after the workouts – I was doing exercises and working muscle groups I never had before. The emphasis on total body fitness and strength training is wonderful. I haven't had any knee trouble since I started, and overall, I am much stronger physically. Warrior has also had a big impact on the rhythm and pace of our lives. I've always been a night owl, often working well past 2 A.M. during my Ph.D. days. Given my schedule in Penang, though, it's best for me to attend the 5:30 A.M workout sessions. In January I made the commitment to go to bed and get up earlier, and now I feel much more rested and full of energy throughout the day. In addition to the 3 day a week 5:30 A.M. sessions, I also often attend the Mayhem sessions and the weekend Endurance Runs. Being a part of the Warrior community has given me the confidence to do two Spartan races and two triathlons this year. I'm looking forward to the next challenge! 
- Will Brooks
Growing up I never exercised. I was always interested in other things like sewing or shopping, especially shopping! But after having kids, I hadn't lost any baby weight and decided I needed to do something. Will often encouraged me to run with him, but I found it so boring. Instead, I often did Zumba. Will always told me that exercise is not for weight loss but for getting fit. I knew I needed to do something different so when a friend told me about Warrior Boot Camp, I was excited to try it. I joined Warrior in October 2016, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the workouts. The exercises were really tough, but the coaches all brought different insights and made each workout unique and fun. The fellow warriors were very encouraging and there were exercises for people at every fitness level. The people and the coaches make everything very enjoyable. We are all like good friends so we laugh and talk and joke together during the workouts. 
After joining the workouts for 9 months, I am much stronger now. I can do a lot of things I couldn't do before. For example, on a recent trip in China, the train only had an elevated storage rack. All the passengers were wondering what to do with their heavy luggage since they couldn't lift the bags that high. Without hesitation, Will and I starting grabbing everyone's 20 and 25kg suitcases and heaving them up on the storage racks. When we sat down, we looked at each other and said, "Train Hard, Fight Easy!" I used to attend the 8:30 A.M. sessions and made a lot of friends there, but attending the 5:30 A.M. sessions gave me more time during the day. I enjoyed developing the relationships with the other warriors. Our kids have also seen the changes we have made, and now they want to become more active. Both our boys ran in the kids Spartan race, and even my 3 year-old daughter will say, "Mom, look at my Spartan jump!" That brought a big smile to my face! 
- Winnie Brooks
I joined about 6 years ago, a friend dragged me along. I wanted to go cycling up Pearl Hill, and no-one of my cycling buddies showed up that day. So I joined her to try out something new. I really like the versatile training. You never know who is teaching and in all the years no single training was like any other, so it is always a surprise and never gets boring. I usually attend 3 times per week. All in all, I think I really get fitter and fitter over time despite being one of the people who DON'T train for Spartan (their progress is amazing!). At the moment I am suffering an inflammation of the soft tissue in my heel, so I cannot run and jump and this is quite annoying. I think everyone in Warrior Fitness Adventure is doing an amazing job! I only can say go on like this! Since I have started, the quality of the sessions has not dropped. The team should be very proud that with the increase of members are getting even better. I am not participating in races and I hate running. But I want to maintain a certain fitness level to help me do some trekking tours. In the last years I have climbed Mount Kinabalu, Mount Rinjani (Lombok) and just came back from some cave trekking in the Phong Na-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam.
- Petra Muller
I moved to Penang on May, 1, 2016 and I did my official first Warrior Boot Camp session on May2, 2016. Actually I joined BC in March 2016 for two sessions on my first trip to Penang. On this trip Petra brought me to the WBC. I'm very happy, that I found a sports group in Penang with a wide variety of sport activities. I was not sure, if I could do sport in the heat but the WBC adjusts works around this problem. So I'm now again able to do sports almost every day. And I don't need to go by myself as I found new friends for running and other activities as well. WBC helps me a lot for running. I feel much stronger because this is the first time in my life, that I do strength and agility training in addition to running. The coaches gave me many tips and advice for improving my running style. They have an open ear for questions every time. Keep on doing! 
- Christiane Lange
My first meeting with the boot camp family was on the 1st of December 2016. Ever since then, I've been attending boot camp on Mondays, wednesdays, fridays and on the weekends. My first impression of bootcamp is that it's really tough and I thought that it would be impossible to do this so often but to my surprise, I ended up enjoying myself. One of the main reasons I find myself coming back to boot camp is because of the good and friendly coaches here. I'm also very motivated by the group sessions and love being outdoors, especially when it rains. I believe that I've developed a commit, focus, believe and achieve attitude and also love the values that I've learnt here – to train hard and fight easy for races. And an added bonus, I've lost 2 inches of my waistline! When I first started which was in December, I started with 3 days a week. I was motivated to be healthier and treat my body better so I started workout 7 days a week from then on, I was wrong and was advised by my coach that we must have a rest day in a week. Rest is also part of workout.
True enough and I performed better. It's been 8 months since my first session in boot camp and I can feel myself getting emotionally and physically stronger and thanks to the constant motivation from the coaches and the team. It looks like I will be busy with warrior workout throughout this year as I COMMIT, FOCUS, BELIVE and ACHIEVE during the Spartan Trifecta race 2017. I wish that Warrior bootcamp will be able to reach out to more people out there and help them get healthier and fitter. It'll be great if everyone can experience what I've experienced here in Warrior bootcamp. Do it while you can, don't wait till you can't do it anymore. Before the year end, I am completing Spartan Beast race together with Warrior BC friends and I wish to do another trifecta next year together with my daughters and wife.
- Johnson
I first joined WBC over 7 months ago thanks to Debbie Wong's introduction to Warrior. The coaches gave us a lot of fun games and exercises with different types of challenges. The exercises in each training session are good quality training and it gives just the right amount of intensity and workout. The Warrior members are very friendly, nice, funny and "SEMANGAT" when it comes to races. Now I attend 3 or 4 times on weekdays. I’ve lost about 10kgs or more since I started Warrior. It is very good result to me and I am very happy! WBC is definitely great place to know more new friends and like-minded people. I think that WBC is the best fitness program in Malaysia and organized different types of races and events. I enjoy them a lot. I recently completed a number of Spartan races in Malaysia and Thailand. I would like to challenge myself further by participating in the upcoming SPARTAN ULTRA BEAST (42km). AROO!
- Kheng
I started WBC after joining the Spartan Community Workout in Sept 2016 in preparation for Spartan Sprint end of 2016. I had a lot of fun as well as learnt a lot during that session. It also showed how much more work I needed to put into training. I thought the coaches were helpful, friendly and always ready and willing to assist and share their knowledge. What keeps me coming back? That is very simple, the people.... both the coaches and the people I work-out with. That sense of belongingness and the feeling that we’re always there for each other. It is a place where I not only get to be fitter, stronger and hopefully faster, but also a place of motivation, so much laughter and fun. Because we all work hard to be the best we can be and support each other along the way. It also nice reminder that anything is possible! My ideal week would be going to BC 3 times a week and a weekend class, either Raw or TRX. I have also started going for 5:30am morning sessions and I absolutely love it! I have been enjoying the workouts and fellowship with my workout buddies and it has been a fun journey. In 5 years, I wish to see WBC being THE place for getting fitter and better be it for running, obstacle racing, Triathlete training, and an even bigger Warrior community. Maybe even a Warrior centre fitted with Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training equipment. I am looking forward to completing my Spartan Trifecta for 2017 and am open to exploring other adventures like trail running, a full marathon and maybe even an ultra-run one day! Anything is possible!
I was the girl who used to get medical certs from the doctor to get out of attending Physical Education class in school, the girl who used to hide under the tree when I saw the sun and the girl where getting dirty and wet from the rain was a HUGE no-no. Then as I started my fitness journey by joining a gym in my twenties, it was all about being in trend and not so much about getting fitter and stronger. Unfortunately, it was not something I was looking for. WBC changed this person who could not - do even one proper push up or carry anything heavier than 8kg without complaining, hated to be in the rain or sun – so typical Malaysian! we complain when it is too hot, then we complain it is too wet and was not a morning person – I now attend the 5.30am classes! - into someone who is committed to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. So anyone who thinks bootcamp is not for you... try it, but not just for a day or a week or a month. Make a commitment of 3 months and you will see the difference it makes to you physically and mentally. Trust me, it will change you and you will not regret it. Also, if I can do it with the 'background' that I came from... anyone can do it too!
- Karen
I never knew how boot camp was like until I participated on it. I still remembered the first day I joined it was so tough and I couldn't feel my body. Physically and mentally I was drained, but I had a good feeling about this, despite the difficulty. Each time I achieved a certain obstacle, I felt a little closer to my goal . Which is not only to loose weight but to be healthy physically. As days turned into months, I gained back my confidence. I felt good about myself with the constant workouts and challenges. I participated with their O.T programme and I've also gained a lot of knowledge on how to take care of my body. I’ve never felt so healthy as I am today. 
I love how the coaches helped me and encouraged me. Each have their own different style of coaching and I can't help but thank them for their patience and for believing in me. I had so much fun working out with my teammates, building new friendship and camaraderie. I’m very motivated with the group session esp my 5:30am team mates and I enjoyed their outdoor activity as well. I believe one cannot hope to perform to their utmost potential without commitment and motivation. I’m glad that I’ve made my decision to join Warrior Fitness bec honestly I hav so much fun n I wouldn’t say I can beat anyone or better than anyone and it’s not a competition to me but it’s to push with my own limit, all this while I do not believe I could run 12km without walking at all. Im surprised and secretly proud of myself too. I have improve so much in my stamina endurance and I believe mental toughness is arguably just as important as physical toughness to surpassing your physical limits. Thank you so much Warrior Fitness for helping me to get fitter n I hav lost 9kg. What else can I say .. exhale doubt, inhale confidence and Commit Focus & Believe!! Get out of your comfort zone, made time for your fitness. 
- Jules
I joined Warrior bootcamp in early 2016. Prior to this, I’ve been running and doing some gym workouts with a group of friends. I had the experience of running both half and full marathon under my belt and wanted to explore something different. It was my friend, Ving who recommended me to join Warrior bootcamp, after she had her try out. She said that I would enjoy it as the workouts are challenging, which is something different from what we have been doing and also it’s done outdoor. I also met coach Aris Tan Cheang Cheng in a serendipitous way while I was travelling to the US for work while he was also travelling to compete in Spartan-Lake Tahoe. After so much encouragement I finally did my first session with WBC and loved it! Each workout session varies to focus on different areas of fitness. This new challenge made me realised that I’ve so much to work to improve my fitness level. I was strongly encouraged by my fellow bootcamp buddies and coaches to participate in the Spartan challenge this year. Something that I never even thought I could complete if you were to ask me last year. As the Warrior motto says “COMMIT FOCUS BELIEVE ACHIEVE”, I took the first step to commit myself into the Spartan Sprint in March’17. I came back to WBC as I believe this is the place that will get me to jump over that fire obstacle at the end of the Spartan race. After Spartan Sprint, I was hooked and wanted to challenge myself more. That is getting ready for Super and eventually Beast. I keep coming back to bootcamp because I believe that training with Warrior Bootcamp will be able to provide me with a challenging yet fun and safe training atmosphere. Overtime, the friendship forged among fellow warriors is priceless and we help to motivate each other in order to achieve our personal fitness goals in every training session. This practice is also reflected in their motto “Warriors Leave No One Behind”. 
The coaches who are very passionate in their training, relentlessly encouraging us to keep going and never give up while prioritizing on safety first makes me want to push myself beyond my limit in the safest way. Today, I have found myself to have improved so much on my fitness level compared to where I was a year back. I try to attend averagely 4 times a week and Run and Raw on Saturday mornings. It has been a new fitness journey for me this year with WBC. The experience has been challenging and fun, sometimes stressful (but in a good way) always find that there are areas to improve on, a tremendous sense of camaraderie with the members in Warrior from every session. Nevertheless, I’ve learned so much from experienced coaches and fellow team mates and especially through Spartan Technical training such as rope climb, bucket carry, spear throw, wall jump, tyrolean traverse. I like that warrior bootcamp organizes events such as obstacle races, hikes, endurance runs on Sat and warrior runs on Sun. However, I wish that in the next 5 years, warrior bootcamp can reach out to instill the lifestyle to the greater community. Hopefully, WBC is able establish a place/ box/indoor place where we can built some Spartan obstacles such as wall, z-wall, rope climb to allow us members the opportunity to train and better prepare for Spartan races. I’m aiming to complete my first trifecta this year. I have only the last leg to go and that is BEAST! I wish to complete it with injury free as I have completed my sprint and super in March and July respectively…..AROOOO!
- Guat Lay
I first joined Bootcamp in 2013, and the reason I joined bootcamp was because I started doing outdoor exercises and felt that it was quite fun. I felt that Warrior training was quite efficient as I could keep on improving my stamina and my body. Warrior training is a good experience, and I wish to see you become even more successful in the next 5 years. I hope to complete the Spartan Beast race.
- Pauline Low
2009那年四月的某天清晨起身,我的颈项延至手臂忽然感觉麻脾和疼痛,是很疼痛的感觉!轻微的动作都让我痛苦不堪,后来去照MRI,证实我的颈项生了骨刺。医生叫我动手术,我当时没有做此决定。经友人介绍下,我去了一中医所治疗,十八次的治疗后,我的病情渐渐好转,当时中医师一直对我强调一定要坚持做运动,才会让病情慢慢好转。从那时开始我每天开始去公园徒步一个小时,每天坚持去。直到2012年十一月,机缘巧合下,朋友叫我陪她去试一试参与 Warrior Bootcamp 。我当时完全不同知道 Warrior Bootcamp 是什么玩意儿,因为一直以来我并非运动健将,也不曾参与任何健身院的活动。然后去了几次,就渐渐喜欢上 Bootcamp ,他们的训练让我觉得可以让我的身体慢慢强壮起来;而且其训练不单只是跑步,还有各种各样不同的动作训练,可以加强其他的身体部分体能。其导师还很详细教导我们如何操作正确的姿势动作;让我受益匪浅。就这样我下定决心积极参与 Warrior Bootcamp,也希望借此让自己身体更健康。所幸wbc 并没有让我失望:我的身体健康状况渐渐强壮起来,甚至可以去爬山。而且近年来生病的机会是少之又少。感恩!三年多来,我一直坚持一个星期至少参与三至四次,不过庆幸的是,我的记录多是一个星期参与四次。今年 WBC 更是步上专业的轨道,除了跑步,还有多方面锻练肌肉的课程,而已他们还把些类似遊戏的活动融入动作里,让训练过程中更添加乐趣,比如:数目字、英文字母、撲克牌、掷骰子等等,才不至于沉闷。
- Phaik Hoon
In November I will have been attending WBC for one year. Previously I had been juggling a stressful full-time job and young family, with little or no time for exercise. My first session was with Jee, I enjoyed it but it was hard coming back to exercise; my legs wouldn’t work for days after. I recall I just couldn’t gently lower myself down onto a seat, so getting into the car or using the bathroom isn’t easy!
Once recovered from the initial shock, I started attending twice a week, just going at 8.30am Mondays and Wednesdays, I was scared to join Friday because I was told there was lots of running and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. However, with my red card in hand, I braved one Friday and like every warrior session, the inclusive spirit, encouragement and fundamental options meant I could do it; I loved it and I was hooked. From that point on I was committed and I never missed a session.
In February, a fortnight before the event I signed up for the Warrior 10K, only the fun run though, the thought of doing the obstacles was just too daunting. At that point, the last time I had run more than just around the block was back in 1999 and there was no time to build up to it. On the day it was so fun being there, being part of WBC and the sense of achievement wonderful.
I am really not sure how I came to sign up for the Spartan Beast, I remember the warriors returning triumphantly from the Super and in particular, Tess was just inspirational. I believe this is the only challenge in my life I have taken on where I wasn’t confident I could do it at the onset. With 5 months of focus on my goal, WBC and support from Tess, who seemed to believe I could do it even when I wasn’t sure myself when the day arrived, I was prepared and ready.
There is a point in the race where you emerge at the top of a slope to enter the finishing arena. Seeing the sea of red shirts and hearing the screams and shouts of the warriors was phenomenal. I had a cramp; I had to do burpees but I could hear every shout and recognise every voice encouraging me and it was simply amazing.
I expected to have fun but I honestly never expected to finish the Spartan Beast so well and that’s taking a while to really sink in, but more that the race itself, I never expected to have such a transformational year at the age of 49. This last year has been an incredible journey for me: from zero to being my own personal hero. So thank you to every coach for every session, to every warrior friend and of course special thanks to Tess. It is astounding the difference one year can make, if you put your mind to it and have friends and warriors to support you.
Reading this back, I am struck by the fact that not by design I can find Commit, Focus, Believe & Achieve.
- Claire
It was 3 months postpartum to my second baby and I was looking to lose the baby weight so I could fit into something else besides my maternity clothes and Pajamas. I decided to try WBC since some friends (Jo An and Grace) gave shining reviews of it being effective and hardcore. So happened, I got my Aunty hands on the free WEEK trial! WOOHHOO! I thought it was fun and HARD. Mainly fun though since we wouldn't know who was the coach and every day would be a different challenge. So I could just turn off my brain and get my mummy ass whooped. The members were very friendly and there is this sense of community where we just meet daily and work out together. The coaches were and still is very encouraging without being too scary to a newbie. Met so many inspiring people from all walks that I want to emulate fitness wise, especially the older members. They really made me open my mind to what I can do and should do so I just kept going back to try to be as good and fast as they are! *cough Phaik Hoon cough Silvi*  I now go 3–4 times a week on weekdays and try to attend at least one class on weekend. I LOVE TRX! Bootcamp has pretty much changed my view on many things. Gave me constant fun workout sessions with guidance from experienced members and coaches. Cured my eating/weight derangement and insomnia. The community also gave me back my sense of identity which some lose after being a mother. I was pretty active in sports in secondary school but I have never felt this strong and healthy. Thanks to bootcamp I have healthier and wiser goals in life besides eating grass to look like a pencil!
- Debbie
I first noticed Warrior when I saw a few Warriors working out in Botanical Gardens. Then I joined and that was it – I never left! I used to be a State runner 20 years ago, competing in long and short distance events. All this ended when I got married and started working. When I joined Warrior, I got back my strength and got back into competition. When you first start, it will be tough, but do not give up. It is just the beginning of the journey to getting stronger. (On her chances at the Spartan Beast in October) I will try my best! It's been a wonderful experience with Warrior and I would advise everyone to just stick to it and keep training! 
- Silvi
Joining Warrior Bootcamp is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. It’s not just a normal run-of-the-mill workout but has taught my 7-year old son and me, the true meaning of discipline, dedication and teamwork. With great people around me, whom have become good friends, I am so pleased and honoured to be a part of the Warrior Bootcamp Family.
- Tina Julian Brattinga