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I have been running for 38 years, and for the last 10 years, a lot of adventure and ultra marathons.  These were done mostly during my 21 years in China.  I played a lot of tennis then, and I have my own home gym which I used very regularly.  I was younger too.  So, I seldom have injuries due to the cross training I get from playing tennis. 
Since coming back to Malaysia in Dec 2014, and setting up a company to organize ultra marathon events, I have spent a lot of time sitting down for long hours.  I stopped playing tennis too, and visit to the gym becomes very irregular.  My muscles were often quite tight, and my running movement was stiff.  I started to develop persistent heel pains on both heels.  It affected my running training, and racing performance. 
I visited and got treatments from physiotherapy centres.  I was taught a number of exercises that I should do daily or regularly.  But I found it hard to do these exercises regularly, with sufficient intensity and duration.  My heels still hurt.
In early 2017, after frequent chatting with Roger Choo, I got to know more about Warrior boot camp, and decided to try out at least once. 
Upon joining the 1st session, I found out that the exercises are very similar to those taught by my physiotherapists, and some more.  I am convinced that these are exercises that will rehabilitate my body in the long run.  The coaches are knowledgeable and motivating.  There are sufficient varieties as well to keep the workout challenging and interesting.
After a few months, I noticed that my heels do not hurt anymore like in the past.  I am able to run fast and long.  I need to maintain this workout routines for the rest of my sporting life at least so as to remain healthy enough for my main sport.  At the age of 56 going 57 this year, it’s even more critical to keep up the effort in maintaining strong muscles and joints. 
Of course, the fellowship of fellow warriors is a great appeal too to keep coming back to warrior boot camp. 
I live in KL now but travel to Penang 2 to 3 times a week.  If possible, I’ll join 3 sessions a week, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I’ve learnt a lot this year.  Learning the different exercises, the correct techniques of doing them. Initially It was tough physically too, but I can manage all of them with relative ease now.  I also workout most parts of my body now, instead of just the running joints and muscles. 
My focus in future is super long ultra marathon (road and trail), and full Ironman. Both of these requires long hours of training like back to back long runs of 30km each.  Without the heel pains now, I can train much more than before to achieve good performance.  I am now in preparation for the biggest race this year:  836 km of training running on the Pyrenees mountain in France in Aug this year.  On top of that, there will be 3 full ironman races this year too.  Warrior Boot Camp activities will be a key part of my training workouts. 
Keep doing what you’re best at, in the exercise routines.  On top of that, it'll be great to have a size of about 20 for each session.
- Seow Kong
I joined Warrior Fitness in December 2017, to boost my overall physical fitness. I first discovered Warriors when my dad and I were exercising in Youth Park. My attention was caught repetitively by the energetic commotion of a group of people wearing red shirts, and soon decided to join. Within two months of joining, I found myself improving in both fitness and strength, which contributed to my performance in a swimming competition. I started attending 1 bootcamp session a week, and eventually worked my way up to 5 sessions a week on average. The Coaches are all very professional, motivating and passionate, helping me look forward to the next session, even after a tough workout. They offer great technical support and can spot even the smallest technical errors during the workout. I am getting stronger and hope that one day I can complete the Spartan Beast race.
- Jia Jie
I joined Warrior Fitness Operation Transformation 6.0 in March 2018 to lose weight and be more physically active. Attending bootcamp training sessions was part of the program. I found OT 6.0 program very helpful as it provided not only fitness but also nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance. At first I've joined 5:30 am bootcamp sessions and then also added Endurance Run, Raw and Boxing. Occasionally I show up at Mayhem (if manage to escape from my office early enough :)) So far my bootcamp experience if absolutely fantastic. Coaches are professional and encouraging offering different options of the same exercise for different fitness levels. I felt instantly welcomed by fellow Warriors. I could not imagine 3 months ago that I would dare to do an obstacle race (or any race all :)) and now I can say that I did it! I have completed Urban Jungle Challenge together with my Warrior friends. We were going through the course together helping each other if needed. Now I am getting ready for my first Spartan Sprint. I am still a bit nervous but I know that I can do it thanks to Warrior training sessions and Warrior friends support.
- Alex
I joined Warrior Bootcamp in March 2017, although I had tried several sessions beforehand just to make sure it was right for me. I really didn’t want to commit to something and then lose interest and fail! I think this is probably a cycle that many of us can identify with. However, I was really looked after by the Warrior family and was supported and encouraged beyond all expectation; this positive attitude kept me coming back again and again until my bad habits changed to good habits. 
I moved to Penang with my son, from the UK in August 2016, to take up a new teaching post and during the whole process of ‘ planning and moving’ I got into bad habits and stopped exercising regularly. I had always been pretty active, however I am an asthmatic and so running was always my achelees heal and something I tried to avoid if I could. Penang jungle air changed that entirely and since I have lived here I have not needed medication at all! I have run a half marathon, completed the Warrior Beach Obstacle race and taken part in a Spartan race too. I never knew what a belly burpy was until joining Warrior Fitness- but we are VERY well acquainted now!
I try to attend 3/4 sessions per week; I aim for 2 evening sessions during the week after work (and organising my son with his homework and chores) also a Saturday morning Raw session and a fantastic Boxing session in the afternoon whilst my son attends Junior Warrior Fitness- it works pretty well and he loves it! I usually have a run on Sunday sometimes with Warrior friends. Right now, I am looking forward to the Urban Jungle Obstacle race, organised by Warrior Fitness, followed by the Penang Esplanade Half Marathon.
As I write this I actually cannot believe that I am fit enough to do these races, but I absolutely am. I think that it has worked for me because I have been consistent, even when work demands have meant that I have missed some sessions, it hasn’t deterred me, and nobody at Warrior makes me feel bad about it. When I see my Warrior friends it is such a pleasure and I look forward to my sessions so much.
My Warrior Fitness experiences this year have change because I have much more confidence in myself and what I can achieve. I trust my body and understand my limitations. I feel that all the sweat and struggle in the early months has paid off and has giving me a new level of motivation. I still have off days and I never compare myself to others( well, maybe occasionally..) but I am a fitter, healthier and happier person than before I joined the sessions.
I hope that Warrior Fitness continues with the great work into the future, building on their core values and encouraging members from all over to come and take part.
- Farida
My journey with Warrior began when a friend encouraged me to join. I had seen some of the crazy stuff that warriors did and my first response was, “I ain’t doing all the tough workout you guys do.” Then she told me about a free trial with Warrior Lite and after that trial I decided that I would become a member.The coaches were really encouraging and told us to go at our own pace. The other members were also very motivating and soon I felt like I belonged. A month later, I felt my stamina had improved and the exercises were getting easier. I had begun to enjoy the sessions and looked forward to coming each week. Currently, due to my busy schedule I am coming for 2 sessions per week but will look at increasing the sessions. 
I also joined the Operation Transformation program and I believe that is one of the best things that I have done. I learned how to look at food differently and became very careful with what I put into my mouth. It was tough in the beginning as I had to make a lifestyle change. Together with OT and the warrior sessions, I began to feel and look better. Overall I lost inches and my clothes fit me better too. 
My main reason for joining Warrior was to improve my health. Last week when I went to my doctor, he told me that I can stop taking my hypertension medication as my blood pressure had stabilised. Wow! I couldn’t believe my ears!! I would like Warrior Fitness to become the No.1 health and wellness establishment to help people of all ages to become mentally and physically stronger and healthier by having roadshows and awareness programmes.. MY goal for the future is to get fitter, stronger and healthier and to enrol more of my friends with health issues into Warrior Fitness.
- Shama
I started joining Warrior 3 years ago and I thought you guys does crazy training in Warrior.My first session was during the free trial week, I went for 4 classes and by the next week I felt odd not doing those exercises so I went back to the sessions and then I realised, I actually like the training a lot because I’ve always loved outdoor activities. Now I'm attending 4 sessions a week.Warrior sessions this year have been great, because they make me stronger and also I don’t struggle so much during Spartan races anymore. I’m honestly content with all the trainings I get from Warrior now, but I wish there could be more races organized by Warrior Fitness themselves, as I would be very interested to join the races.I’m currently training for my Spartan Trifecta this year, other than that, I also hope that from all those trainings I could do more marathons and many more Spartan Trifecta achievements in future years.
- Xuan Ling
When I first joined Warrior sessions, the workouts were fresh and tough for me. I did not know what a burpee was, how to squat, how to do a push-up… However, the professional team of coaches gave us a variety of training methods to make the sessions different and fun. With their kind guidance and encouragement, I had the confidence to try the workouts that I had previously felt were impossible for me. The coaches and other recruits constantly encouraged me, accompanied me, and kept telling me: YOU CAN DO IT! I experienced training in the rain and dirt, and realized what a great feeling it is! You’ll never know if you never try. I see lots of improvement in myself, both physically and mentally, after I joined Warrior bootcamp. I can run a 10km and even half marathon race and look forward to more. I even participated in the Spartan Race last year. And the most important thing is that I do not fall sick easily. I like the fun and friendly training atmosphere. With the coaches’ great help and coaching, I know that I will get Fitter, Faster, Tougher and Stronger. Thank you Warrior!
- Apple
My first Warrior Bootcamp class was with Conor on the 16th of August 2013. I used to go to the gym but stopped after having kids. Then my sister Jo An joined Warrior and told me about it and dragged my a@@ to WBC with her. My first session with Conor ended up with me not being able to walk up and down the stairs and being in pain for 5 days. But I couldn't wait to go back for another session! It is ADDICTIVE... I have never really experienced other outdoor workouts before, but it felt really good to be outside and not in an air-conditioned gym. I usually attend sessions 3 times a week. I would describe my bootcamp experience overall as being great! Because it's always different, and we always work on different muscles. Even though it's been more than 3 years, we are always improving and learning something new and different.
- Jessie
I joined Warrior in April 2016 for Operation Transformation 3.0. I had not planned on joining OT till Conor, Chin Lee and the Warrior team planted some thought-provoking seeds in my head. So I decided to join in. After all, how hard could it be?! At the first session, I experienced how hard it COULD be! But I persevered, and in two weeks, I was hooked! I go for Bootcamp sessions 2-3 times a week plus TRX Suspension on the weekends. At Warrior, there is so much camaraderie and support, and everyone is equal when you're covered in sweat, grass and mud! Since starting Bootcamp, I've lost weight and truly gotten fitter and stronger - both physically and mentally. I hope that Warrior Bootcamp will continue to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves through a healthy lifestyle. Don't be average. Be awesome!
- Illona
My Warrior journey started exactly a year ago, as a New Year resolution. My friend Arlette (Bootcamp Veteran) told me that I would find the training fun and challenging. I used to be the kind of guy who thought that a 20 minute run and 30 minutes at the gym every 2-3 weeks would keep me in shape but I soon learned that was not the case. I attended my first session on a Friday with Tess. She and all the Warriors welcomed me with broad smiles… like if they knew I was about to have my ass kicked! After only a few minutes, I was exhausted, out of breath, sweating like never before and it was only the warm-up!!
I started questioning myself: “Am I in such bad shape? Am I about to pass out? Is it worth it?” but with support of the group and the help of the coach I made it trough my first session! When Tess asked me, at the end of the lesson, if I would be back on Monday I said “yes” without knowing this answer would change my vision of sport in a such great way.
I’m lucky enough to attend 3- 4 Warrior sessions a week. It’s difficult to understand the exact reason why I keep coming back. Is it the friendship, the challenge, the open air, the way the coaches always find a way to make their class interesting, or maybe the way I can see myself and the Warriors around me getting stronger and healthier? I’m always amazed by the progress I can see in others. Those, like me, who couldn’t run a single km- are now not afraid to run the Penang Relay race; others who found a 20km obstacle race impossible- finished the race in less than 3 hrs! It seems that with Warriors, the impossible becomes possible in a matter of weeks or months. That’s probably why I’m coming back every week, because they help me find a better version of myself out of my comfort zone. I started the WBC experience without setting any goals, and I ended up doing the Spartan Beast, the Penang Round Island Relay and soon, a 10km obstacle course race. I’m impressed by the way WBC pushed me to surprise myself. In 5 years time, it would be great to maybe see a WBC in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Johor… and in many different cities in Malaysia. 
- Alame
I first joined Warrior last summer because the training sessions had clearly made a difference for people I knew. I enjoy teamwork, and Warrior has great team spirit. My Warrior friends had lost weight, got in shape, and put an end to niggling injuries through regularly attending sessions. I'd been running competitively for about seven years and had recently completed several ultra races, the longest being a 120km race. My ankles were sore and my muscles tight, but just pulling back from running didn't do the trick. Instead, I got heavier and less fit. Although running had made my legs and shoulders strong, other parts were quite weak, so I felt unbalanced. I joined Warrior because I was looking for more well-rounded training, and, since my main running partner just left Penang, to make new bootcamp friends. But could it fit into my schedule? I gave it a try. At first the strength training sessions took several days of recovery, so I usually only managed two sessions a week. The coaches were genuinely helpful, showing me many stretches - did I need that! - and offering lots of valuable training tips. At the end of every session, cooling down in the wet grass, gazing at the moonlit clouds, I felt full of life and joy. That wasn't my first thought when the alarm clock went off though -- a 5:30 am start was no breakfast smoothie! Over time, however, I found the flow and became much more conditioned. In fact, I felt so much better that I signed up for the Spartan trifecta -- I'm pretty motivated for that now. I did a Spartan race last spring and failed lots of obstacles, so to sign up again meant focused training. Well, I have accepted the challenge.
I average three sessions a week (and bootcamp binge when school is out!). I like the variety of the training sessions as the coaches plan creatively, making every session different. We want to train hard, and the sessions combine that intensity with warm up, laughter, and stretching, taking care to adapt the exercises to suit each individual. I love feeling stronger, and I enjoy getting sweaty with friends and covered in grass. I still run about 50-80 km weekly mileage and do my own workouts as well, but I wouldn't be in this place without Warriors. Train hard, fight easy! I would love if Warrior Fitness kept these up in the future: 1. Keep including kids, 2. Keep up the community spirit, 3. Keep up the good work!
- Debbie C
I joined Warrior back in May 2016. I wasn’t really interested in joining until Alame convinced me to do the Spartan Beast that October. I knew that running wasnt exactly my strength and the only way I’d hold myself responsible to do it was in a group or friends pushing me to do it. I had seen the Warrior T-shirts on some of the parents since my kids started going to SCIPS, and i asked some questions about it but i never really got the feeling it was something i would enjoy until Kerry Fonseca told me about RAW. My first few sessions i absolutely hated! I don’t like to run long distances as it is but then add bear crawls and burpees?! RAW was a blast but the M/W/F classes were killing me! I honestly wasn’t sure if i was going to continue after Spartan was over. I had injured my shoulder lifting and had developed achilles tendonitis about 2 months out from Spartan. Even though i had lost over 13 kgs since movie ng to Penang in July 2015, i was hitting a low point physically. After Spartan, i was going back to lifting weights and thats it. But now, I try to attend the M/W/F 08:30 AM sessions every week and RAW on the weekends. (I haven’t tried Beach mostly because i sweat a ton and being covered in sand is definitely not one of my favorite things.) On my off days I’m usually at the gym doing strength training or functional training. I’ve become slightly obsessed! My bootcamp experience has been in one word: transformational. Both physically and mentally. I used to care about lifting heavy weights and being the strongest guy in the room. Now, I’m more concerned with being the most fit big guy you’ll find. Warrior Bootcamp has taught me that while big and strong has its advantages, being physically fit and athletic is more important. I’ve played American Football at the collegiate level and been involved with martial arts for over 10 years and Warrior Bootcamp has been just as physically and mentally challenging as any of that! 
People have been complimenting me on how much weight I’ve lost the last couple months and they’re shocked that I’m still about the same. The type of weight is what’s changed as well as my attitude toward fitness. What made me keep coming back? Honest answer: I’m crazy! LOL. After Spartan, a switch got turned on that i felt was off for quite a few years. All of a sudden i had found my “why”. As in, there comes a point where you have to dig deep and ask yourself basically, what am i doing this for or why do i do this to myself day in and day out. I won’t elaborate on that because in my opinion, everybody’s “why” should be held close to the chest. To me its intimate. Suddenly I felt like every session I’d push myself just a bit more. Something inside me always wants to see how close to the edge I can get. I think that’s what makes everyone that does this week in and week out a true Warrior!
We all have a desire to be better than what we are. If everyone could do what we do, the weekly sessions would be a whole lot bigger in terms of attendance. Everybody out there during bootcamp has varying levels of athletic ability and everyone respects that. Sure, I can flip the giant tire 20 times and sprint faster, but there’re other Warriors that can run 20kms + obstacles in 3 hrs!! Nobody is made to feel that they're inferior or superior because the coaches constantly change up the workouts to show this. It’s truly a superb, inclusive environment. Just for fun i’ve looked in other countries to see whats offered in terms of Bootcamps. While there are offerings here and there, I feel that this experience is unique. Conor and the coaches are clearly working on expanding the Warrior experience and I have yet to hear anything negative about the organization or the people involved. With the amount of foreigners coming to and leaving Penang, I hope that in the future, Warrior Bootcamp can be bigger than just Malaysia. If thats not in the cards, then I think in 5 years, Warrior will have more members than it knows what to do with! I know Conor and the coaches may go a little crazy but everything thats being done is progressing toward bigger and better. I’m just happy, regardless of how long I’ll be here, to have been a part of something this special:)
- Jon
我于2015年年尾开始参加Warrior, 刚开始是看到朋友去所以蛮好奇的。之前在远处看着大家在做运动时就觉得难度很高,担心自己做不来。终于鼓起勇气来上第一堂课,结果半途就没办法跟上大家的步伐,而且还越做越不舒服,到后面就休息了。看着有些比自己年长的都能够把整个锻炼课完成,让我觉得很惭愧,所以无论如何过后都继续回去好好锻炼。参加Warrior 之前我曾经参加10公里赛跑,跑完后双脚都非常疼痛,隔天更不能好好步行。参加Warrior 锻炼了一段时间后,我第一次跑21公里,很意外和开心自己竟然可以完成,而且隔天的脚也没有任何疼痛。在Warrior, 锻炼的不止是身体的肌耐力同时也加强你的心理心态。通常一个星期四次,如果时间允许就五次。每次去运动都很兴奋也充满期待,教练们都会想一些游戏让我们玩的同时也锻炼到不同的部位,一个小时的锻炼也感觉过得很快。大家都像一家人,如果你忘了带袜子或鞋子,大家都会很乐意地借给你。Warrior 也是充满爱心和社会责任的,它们组织的活动都有贡献于慈善机构。我希望未来有一天Warrior 会组织与狗狗一起锻炼的活动,让狗主人和狗狗有更多消遣的地方。• I started Warrior sessions in Dec 2015 because seeing Cheng attending the sessions frequently made me curious about them. I always had the impression that it would be too tough for me as previously I only joined some yoga classes. So finally I attended my first session and it was a Mayhem session. My fitness level was not very good then, I remembered I took a long break during the session and after that could only proceed straight to the stretching part. Before joining Warrior, I participated in the PBIM 10km run, and I struggled not only during the race but also suffered leg pain after the race. After joining Warrior, I started to run more, especially during Saturday Endurance runs. The next year, when I joined the PBIM 21km run, I actually felt good before, during and after the run. Not only have I improved physically, but also mentally. Now I attend sessions 4 days a week, sometimes 5 if I can make it. The coaches are very professional and always creative in their training plans. The support comes not only from the coaches, but also the members. I enjoy going to Warrior sessions every time because it becomes a routine and whenever you go you can talk with anyone in the group, like a family member. I also appreciate the effort of Warrior in organizing runs/events based on charity purposes. It shows that Warrior cares about the welfare & the community. I hope that one day Warrior will start a dog bootcamp for the pet owners to do work out with their furkids!
- Ling Li
I first joined Warrior Bootcamp in June 2016. Before WBC, I exercised with a different group and found that the sessions were getting mundane for me, so I started seeking for an alternative. I was recommended to WBC by Arvin & a mutual friend of ours. I was also preparing for my first Viper Challenge in November then. I didn't think I'll enjoy bootcamp, however I was very quickly proved wrong. My first class was Harjit's and it was pouring heavily. I thought they would have cancelled the session but surprisingly they trained in the rain! If that's not determination, I don't know what is. To be honest, it wasn't the fun creative sessions that got me hooked to bootcamp. It was the Warriors' determination and company. After training in the rain with them for the first time, I wanted to know how much more "craziness" was in store for me. Right when I thought they reached the highest level of crazy, they never fail to put a cherry on top which made every session enjoyable. Now I try to attend 4 sessions a week, 5 if I get the extra token for Jee's TRX class. Working out used to feel like a chore. Now, I enjoy every moment of it and look forward to it. I wish Warrior will be able to reach out to more people like me who used to find that working out is mundane and/or difficult and make them realize how exercise can be fun and interesting.
- Serene
I joined Warrior bootcamp in March 2015 (OMG, last month was my 2nd Anniversary!!). Prior to that, I was mostly cycling and swimming, and considered myself ‘ok’ fitness-wise. I had been trying to get my wife to get into some form of exercise for a long time but couldn’t. I know in order for the exercise to last, I couldn’t force her. So I kept showing her pictures of Jo An in bootcamp every now and then to stir her interest. Then in March, she suggested that we go and try out bootcamp together. And so we went. My initial thoughts on Warrior bootcamp was that it probably wasn’t as bad as other bootcamps (being hard and military-like) as Jo An kind of briefed me on how Warrior trains. What made me kept going back initially was that I found out I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was :D. I was literally trying to catch my breath during my first few weeks at bootcamp. And here I thought all the cycling and swimming would have helped. So what turns out to be a short stint to accompany my wife became a mission for me to improve my own fitness. But gradually, it was also the atmosphere and, most importantly, the friendships we formed with fellow Warriors and the coaches in the bootcamp community that kept me going. I couldn’t even run 800m without stopping when I first joined bootcamp. I got great advise from almost all the coaches on how I should train to increase the distance. It helped a lot and now I have completed 4 Spartan races, a 26km trail run, and a few shorter distance runs. I have even improved on my cycling and swimming times. On average I attend bootcamp 3-4 times a week. I dedicate the other days to cycling, swimming, and rest. My experience with bootcamp has always been good. As the coaches allow all participants to perform at their own level, I am still trying to catch my breath even after 2 years as we are always being asked to push to our limits. And with the help of the coaches and fellow Warriors, there’s no shortage of encouragement. Keep up what you are doing Warrior! :)
- Sean
 I joined Warrior for the first time in 2013. Our friend, Daniel, had discovered Warrior bootcamp and he and Martin did evening classes. Then we found out there were morning classes, so I joined too. It was great! I love outdoor training. The sessions are fun because they’re different each time. Then we moved back to Sweden in July 2013 and the second time I joined was in August 2016 when we moved back to Penang again. (And yes, Warrior bootcamp was one of the reasons for returning!) It has been great coming back! I gained strength again and I have made new friends. I aim for 3 sessions a week and usually make it. You train every part of your body- and the crowd is great. I also love the fact that there is Junior Bootcamp (JBC) for my children. I really hope that JBC will grow and that more kids of all ages will join. I think it is really important to start early to set good habits. Even for kids, bootcamp strengthens your whole body and prevents injuries. I also believe that kids need to get outdoors more.
- Nina
I have been relatively active my whole life and did many sports. However, when my work life started and we became parents, there was not much time for sport or exercise. I kept active somewhat by entering in running or ice-skating races to push myself into training for those races. Because I hate going to a race knowing I could have done better. When we moved to Malaysia, I found myself spending even more time at work and on top of that having a Malaysian lunch every day. Slowly I gained weight until the point I could not fit into my pants anymore. That was the time I decided to make a change- I changed my eating habits. Around the same time Alame challenged me to do the Spartan Beast race. I told him it was a crazy idea! Running in the heat of Malaysia is already a crazy idea. Running 20+ km is even crazier. Adding more than 30 obstacles makes it impossible! I never ran more than 16 km in my life, and this was in nice sub-20-degree weather! I did not commit anything to Alame for a long time, as I decided that I would first join Warrior Bootcamp sessions and see how it would go. This was around June 2016. The first few sessions of Raw were tough for me. I remember I had to vomit on two occasions during the sessions, but quickly it started getting much better. I enjoyed the variety in the workouts, sometimes lots of running, sometimes more strength training but every time in different forms. The once challenging goal of the Spartan Beast race started to look more feasible and I decided to sign up.
A few months before the Spartan Beast race, I increased my training to 3 times a week, and right before the race I realized I had lost almost 10kg and gained a lot of strength. I finished the race in just below 3 hours and with a 13th overall placing. I enjoyed the race so much! I had pushed myself to my limits and I knew I had given it everything I had. It was an immensely rewarding and fulfilling feeling. After participating in the race, I kept coming to Warrior Bootcamp sessions to stay at that fitness level. Due to more events like the Penang Round Island Relay, the Warrior 10 km Obstacle Race, or the latest Spartan Sprint, I found enough motivation to keep on training. Warrior Fitness has helped me go back in time. My weight and fitness levels are now the same as when I was in my early twenties. The coaches and other Warriors are great motivators to keep me coming back. I need to be challenged, and that is what they do best. We will be moving back to The Netherlands soon and it will be difficult to find such a positive group with so many great inspiring and various athletes to look up to. Even though my time with Warrior has been less than a year, but it has changed me, not only physically, but I rediscovered the fun and excitement of competing at the top of your limits and the self-fulfillment that that brings.
- Joost
My first Warrior bootcamp session was in September 2014. I just had started bootcamp in the Netherlands, so I was happy to know there was Warrior Bootcamp in Penang! However, there was one big difference… the climate!!! When I told my friends and family back home about my new workout in Penang, they thought I was crazy. Doing outdoor exercise on a tropical island? Especially me, as I am always complaining about the heat during summer time in The Netherlands. But I have been coming back to sessions since this first class- why? I think I found that this type of workout suits me well. We do a lot in one hour- endurance, strength- and you can do it all at your own pace, or just follow the strong ones as I did in my first year when I was trying to keep up with Kirsty, Cameron, and Nathan ;-) Thanks guys for pushing me. Another great thing about Warrior that encourages me to come back is the fun, sporty group of people! And good coaches who always push me through the sessions and keep me motivated to come back! (Unfortunately it’s hard to see great coaches leaving. Miss you Marianne and Laurel.) My husband, Joost, also started Warrior bootcamp. I must say another big motivation for me to train harder is to show him how strong I am ;-) ha. It’s fun to be in the same Warrior community as him, and understand that the other person has to wake up early to train, or needs extra rest during the day. I like it that Warrior sessions are for every age group! Keep on going with Warrior Family Days! We loved to see our children doing their Spartan race last time in KL.
As a child I was very sporty- I played field hockey, I did sailing races, gymnastics, and every day I biked 10 km to school. We had a garden with a big climbing rack/ monkey bar where I basically spent my afternoons after school. This was the time that people often called me 'a little monkey'! As a teenager and young mom I was busier with other things and did less exercise. At this stage I slowly gained 10 kg. Since I started bootcamp and made more time for my exercise, I slowly got stronger and stronger. And after signing up for my first Spartan race and OT (Warrior’s Operation Transformation Program) the weight went away very fast. I also realized that not only did I require exercise to make me fitter, but I also needed a healthy diet. Not only to lose weight, but just to make sure I got all the right nutrition and energy my body needed. I try to exercise 4 times a week now. My body needs resting days too. But when I miss a session I feel bad and try to make it the next day! This must be the Warrior commitment spirit! I feel that I am in the best shape of my life since maybe my childhood days? During my Spartan races I realized the little monkey in me is back! Since we are leaving Penang at the end of June to return to The Netherlands, I want to take this opportunity to thank the amazing Warrior group! I really hope to see all of you in one of the Spartan races in Europe!! Can you imagine training in a cold climate? ;-)
- Arlette
I first came across Warrior Fitness on Eventbrite in February 2017, when I saw the free Spartan community workout. I've heard of Spartan before but it wasn't the thing that caught my interest. I checked out Warrior Fitness's profile and it said, "Warrior Fitness is military-inspired training..." At that moment I just thought, "Oh cool, that's what I've been looking for." So I went ahead to sign up for the workout. The workout was fun, competitive and of course challenging for a newbie like me, who had never run, bear-crawled, and hopped over hurdles in repetitive manner. I was completely out of energy by the time the class ended, but I was also more convinced that this kind of training is my thing. I checked out Warrior Fitness' website and learnt that they have 3 regular bootcamp sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Obviously I would have to choose one that works best for my daily schedule. Now, here is the funny part, the training venues are not anywhere close to my home—I live in Nibong Tebal. For those who have never heard of it, it's located at the very south part of Penang mainland. When the traffic is smooth like butter, it takes me about 40-45 minutes to reach the Youth Park. Heavy traffic could easily increase the time on road by half. Ultimately I want to minimize the total time-cost spent on attending the training so the only viable option left to me is 5:30am session, but that also means I have to wake up super early. Everyone thought it's a crazy idea but then I'm capable of doing crazy things, and I really saw how attending such early bootcamp training could benefit me in various aspects. Long story short, I just started doing it since mid February—waking up at 4am every Mon, Wed and Fri, and left home at 4:40 just to attend the 5:30am sessions and then travel back to start my work day. 
Because of Warrior bootcamp, I'm forced to sleep earlier than my usual bedtime. Even though I hardly make it to an 8-hour sleep, surprisingly, I haven't struggled to get out of the bed each time. I think it's because I always look forward to attending the training. I've made new friends who are just as dedicated, encouraging and fun-loving. The Warrior coaches give us hard time in the training, but are never harsh. They know each one of us, they know how to stretch us and they always notice when we start to slack off. Even though at this point of writing, I haven't made it to 3 months, I already can see improvements in myself: better strength and stamina, stronger core, and I learnt to how do proper push-up and sprinting, thanks to the coaches. Overall, I'm very happy with what I've gained from Warrior bootcamps and I'll keep coming back for the 05:30 classes as long as life circumstances allow. I think being committed to be there at such an early hour is already an achievement itself and we the "five-thirty" chappies really wear it with pride. I love that team spirit. I don't think I can find the same in somewhere else. And also the quality coaching from our Warrior coaches! I'm grateful for their dedication in providing us a challenging yet fun training session each time, which truly unleashes the inner child in us. And if there's rain, even better. Lastly, I would like to give a cheer to the entire Warrior family: Hey Warriors, train hard, fight easy! And not forgetting, play hard, have fun, together. ;)
- Allison
I joined WBC about a year ago because I liked the idea of a full-body workout that was challenging and sustainable for me in the outdoors nearby at a time and location convenient to me. I was very surprised to find a large group of people who had the same interest and they were all so fit, committed and most of all very friendly and fun! I loved that the 8.30am group. Most of them were regulars and they were very friendly and sociable. The fact that everyone was motivated inspired me to be like them too! For instance, I used to dislike running because I didn't have good stamina. In order for me to keep up with the team, this automatically made me train harder. It is still hard to believe that I'm starting to enjoy running a little bit. I now attend 4 to 5 sessions a week including a specialist session and endurance run on a weekend. It has been a big part of my lifestyle now I would say. Even more so now that the Spartan fever is back again and events/races I have had enough courage to sign up for. Things I never thought I would ever do. I would hope for WBC to grow bigger, better and stronger so that more events can be organised. More of our local communities will be able to enjoy fun and healthier lifestyle when there are more sessions held in different areas within the island. 
- Swen Lin