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Warrior Recipe Book

What’s Cookin’?

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe that never fails?

What’s your 'go-to' meal pre/post exercise?

Do you have a delicious special family recipe that you would like to share?

Recently, Operation Transformation participants have been sharing many delicious and nutritious meal ideas. These ideas were so mouthwatering, that someone came up with an idea to produce our very own WBC Cookbook!

Before you know it, a team of Warriors has volunteered to work on this project but they can’t do it without your help. They need contributions, therefore, we are calling all Warriors to share their favorite healthy recipes. Anything from your favorite smoothie (calling Conor..) salads, curries or a sweet fix. As long as it’s nutritious, healthy and not too complicated… we’ll take it!

So please... take a couple of minutes and send us your contributions. Either take a quick snapshot from your favorite cookbook, send us a link to a website or write down some dot points and email Shelley at or message her 016 676 7128 by 7 July.

In addition to giving many Warriors and friends ideas and inspiration to be ‘Fit for Life’, all profits from the sale of the cookbook will be donated a charity. This charity is to be confirmed but our preference is to support a cause/project focusing on health/wellbeing for disadvantaged groups.

We look forward to your contributions and stay tuned for details as to how to purchase the first edition!