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Warrior Buddy System

Hello Warriors! We are launching the Buddy System as a way to welcome new Warriors, a more experienced Warrior will be assigned to befriend and buddy up with a new Warrior to help them get onboard comfortably/safely and feel included as a group during workout sessions. This enhances our Warrior philosophy on teamwork: no one gets left behind because we all work as a team. The selection process will be random. You are very much encouraged to volunteer as a Buddy. However, you can decline the offer if you feel uncomfortable or unavailable to attend training during that period.  Here is the juice of it:


 ·   Exchange contact details with the new Warrior so if he/she has any questions, they can get in touch with you. Encourage him/her to add WBC Penang and click “Like” Warrior Fitness Adventure page on Facebook and @warriorfitnessadventure on Instagram to get further details on WBC

·   Explain the system of the WBC like how to understand the timetable and when classes will be canceled

·   Encourage consistency by encouraging him/her to attend class for at least 3 times a week and be there during those classes

·   Partner up with him/her class during partner activities if necessary

·   Watch out for injuries in the new Warrior and provide guidance in terms of good form and good effort

·   Attend training with the buddy for at least 2 week.IF the Buddy cannot be there during training with the new Warrior, no sweat! Just inform and request help from another Warrior to watch out for their baby buddy


Make a new friend and have fun! 


If you participate as a Buddy for two weeks, you will be rewarded with a free GREEN TOKEN!