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We are Precision Nutrition ProCoach Level 1 Certified!

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  • ProCoach Nutrition Only (RM 198/month)
  • ProCoach Online Fitness Only (RM 98/month)
  • ProCoach Nutrition & Online Fitness (RM 198 + 98 = RM 296/ month)
  • ProCoach Nutrition & 2x Sessions Personal Coaching (Body Composition Assessment) (RM 198 + 280 = RM 478/ month)

* Minimum sign up - 6 months*


What is ProCoach?

ProCoach is an online health and fitness program by Precision Nutrition, designed to get you feeling better and healthier through information based on science. There are no shakes, pill or gadgets. Just real coaching on how to make your diet and exercise work for you. You will be provided material to read, follow through on the tasks for the day at your own pace. No more rushing for classes, or searching the web for answers. We will have it all laid out for you on your device. 

Precision Nutrition helped thousands on their road to health and wellness, from beginners to pro athletes. 

How does it work?

Once you sign up for ProCoach, you will be required to answer a few simple questions which allow our coach to assess your health and cater the program to your specific needs. After which, you will receive tasks to perform daily - tasks that will guide you towards your goal. 

FOr the workout portion of the program, you can choose any location you feel comfortable in, provided the location is conducive to the workout. 

Is there a real coach?

Yes! Warrior Coaches Conor McManus and Ian Edwards are certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaches. 

When can I start?

At any time you feel you are ready to commit. However, there is no better time than now. The ProCoach training program lasts a year, so the sooner you start, the better.

A year? Yes. A program that is successful must be one that is sustainable. And that means building up at a reasonable and steady pace.

How much?

ProCoach Nutrition and Online Fitness - RM296/month

But I already have my own fitness routine. What I need is nutrition advise.

Do continue with the fitness routine you have. ProCoach Nutrition is available for RM198/month

I would like to do ProCoach online but I would also like a coach to come and check in on me once in a while.

Of course. If you live in Penang, we will assign one of our Certified Coaches to do a Personal Coaching session with you twice a month at an addition RM240/month. We will include a Body Composition Assessment. 

I'm ready! Where do I sign up?

Send an e-mail to We will respond and let you know how to move on from them. Let's unleash that healthier you!