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Commitments Logo

Maybe you are wondering what the above symbol is about. The reason we came up with the logo is to show our commitments in a visual way on all our artwork.

Please find a more detailed explanation of our commitments below:

1.  Health and Safety First: Our policy is to train safely and to provide plans and advice that make you healthy, not sick. For example, we have written risk assessments which we review annually, and conduct health and safety training with all in our team. We screen for health and fitness issues when someone signs up and reviews them before the start of a session. We do not provide food plans or sell supplements or drugs. 

2.  Environment: As an outdoor-based company we wish to have minimal impact on the environment. For example, we promote and create awareness on how to better protect the environment and leave the location as we find it after training.

3.  Community: We are a community-based company. We believe in the power of community and the influence it has on developing not only your physical but also mental health. We also promote values and behaviour that build teamwork and inclusiveness. We look out for each other and leave no one behind. We also try to give back; for example, we have installed monkey bars in for the neighbourhoods of Lembah Permai and Straits Green.

4.  Customer First: We believe in listening to you, the customer, and work hard to use our resources to bring the best service possible. We believe in delivering quality training at a fair price. We also wish to provide this training with honesty and integrity. No hidden costs, no pushing of unnecessary supplements, gizmos or shakes.  We only provide researched scientifically-based training and advice. We will prove our results by measuring through free fitness assessment offered to all warrior fitness members. In short, no false promises or quick fix solution. We strive to deliver what we always say - Real Training, Real Results.

5.  Excellence: We are committed to being the best we can be. We strive daily to learn and develop ourselves as coaches and as a team. We aim to help you unleash your Inner Warrior. We also strive to provide international standards. To achieve this, we handpick our coaching team and ensure they are all certified. We also provide our own specific in-house training and instil continuous learning each month and year. The coaches receive training in health and safety, nutrition, leadership, teamwork, coaching, strength and conditioning, speed, quickness, agility, running, CPR/ AED, First Aid, to name a few. We also strive to bring great talks from knowledgeable individuals to create better awareness and understanding of a particular subject matter.