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Warrior Resilience

Warrior training is designed to develop not only physical but also social and mental fitness.  We train outdoors with this purpose in mind.

  • We can do more things and have more fun outdoors.
  • We can raise your metabolism to another level outdoors.
  • Training outdoors is great for the mind and body. Get back to our natural habit, reconnect with nature.
  • The outdoor environment allows us to improve your natural movement and coordination.
  • Training outdoors allows us to better develop teamwork and mental toughness.

Tips for Mental Resilience

  • Learn and repeat our Warrior Mantra “Commit, Focus, Believe and Achieve”
  • Learn relaxed breathing techniques.
  • Work to develop an optimistic outlook, a positive viewpoint on life and situations. Stop using the word " can't" 
  • Try to see the funny side of things.
  • EAT (Good Nutrition) – MOVE (10,000 Steps and Regular Workouts) – SLEEP (7-8 hours per night. Take a break if you feel overtrained).